Thursday, September 09, 2010

Great Picture!

There was a man who was an avid photographer. He had just returned from vacation and was visiting friends for dinner. While there, he shared his vacation photos with them. They were awed by the great images he captured. Finally, the woman of the house said to him, "Those are great photos. You must have a really great camera." The man just smiled and nodded. As the man was preparing to leave, he graciously thanked the host. Then he said, "That was a great dinner. You must have really great pots and pans.

I saw the above quote on this photography blog…it makes me laugh every time I see it and I couldn’t resist sharing it.  Particularly since I have been more neglectful of the blog than usual and needed something to put on here.  LOL.  I hope to be in the mood to write something soon.  =) 

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