Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Sept Wedding

So we r at a wedding...Seems like
there is one every Sept but this year its local so we werent able to get away without kids....haha.

Entertaining children at the table is just so interesting. I should have requested that our children be seated at the tables with their grandparents since both sets are here and at different tables. LOL.
Its a pretty wedding but Im a little bored since i dont know anyone at our table and we r right next to the speaker so chatting is difficult anyway lol. So lots of funny pictures on my phone. :-)

Little mama moved out yesterday...we all miss her already. I hope she does well. I still have to get her phone switched over for her...hopefully that will go well.

Speaking of well...this aint going so...i have already had a GRACE moment and stood up while stepping on my skirt tail and nearly lost wishing the candles were citronella but from the itching im guessing their not...and one of our children keeps tooting...heaven help us.

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  1. september weddings are the BEST... just saying..... ;)


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