Sunday, August 29, 2010

*tap tap tap* Is This Thing On?

So oops.  I’m not doing so great at the old updating these days. 

I haven’t really been much in the mood for writing, not to mention the lack of time…and it’s like the days just blend into each other, so it feels like I just blogged, not that it’s already been a week.  Sheesh. 

I think I might be in the mood for a bullet update…

  • Lil Mama is moved up to #3 on the apartment waiting list.  I’m not sure if she will move up any farther by the next court date since it’s only 2 weeks away, but at this rate, its looking kinda possible…we just gotta get everything else in order before then…
  • I didn’t send K-man to school.  On the day before school started, KC said just don’t even bother with it because he didn’t feel good about it either, so K-man is staying home another year.  So much for me being alone during the day.  LOL.  And except for the first day, K-man breezed right through the preschool review and knew all of it (just like I thought) and I’m going to go ahead and order Kindergarten curriculum and try to find a local homeschool group to get involved with…we’ll see what happens. 
  • The church picnic was on Saturday…it was pretty fun…until I got roped into the cupcake eating contest.  LOL.  I’m not sure which part I regretted more, the embarrassing myself in front of everybody part or eating four cupcakes in less than a minute and winning the red ribbon…lol.  That was one of my more insane moments…I have lots.  Although, when I agreed to play along, I didn’t know that as soon as I was cramming my mouth, everybody and their brother would come over to watch.  With their cameras.  Oh well…guess that’s my payback for all the times I have taken pics of people stuffing THEIR faces…lol. 
  • Here’s my monsters…they HUGE!  I think they grew about six inches since the last time I posted. 
  • Munchkin is loving school.  She’s riding the bus both ways this year.  She’s loving that, too.  But I’m not sure if she’s loving it quite as much as me…especially now that I’m not taking K-man, cuz now I can leave him in bed in the morning while me and the monster dogs walk Munchkin down the street to the bus stop.  And then all of us walk down to meet her in the afternoon.  So it’s nice exercise plus no waiting in line at the school, big PLUS! 
  • I’m tired and I told KC I’d go to bed by 10:30…that’s 3 minutes away, which is just enough time to hit post….so….



  1. Kindergarten at home sounds great! Great to go with your feelings on these things! We live in a teeny town and I love the school my oldest goes to. He is also riding the bus in the mornings and afternoon this year! It does save so much time for us busy mommas! LOL School car lines are crazy! LOL And as always such beautiful monsters :)

  2. Nice update. I wondered where you had been.... :o) Glad you're still alive over there. And LOVE the your doggy pics.

  3. The "pups" are huge now!
    I can't believe she likes riding the bus. I let anna try at that age and she changed her mind after the first few days. Too hot and took too long to get home.
    I didn't think you would send him after hearing your report on the open house will happen all to quick anyway.
    Your the best, by the way!
    Love you.


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