Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Monsters

Our back door six months ago….             Our back door last week….

IMG_6404web IMG_7718eweb

Only about 60 pounds difference…PER DOG!  DEAR. ME.

Between dog food and chewies, all I can hope is that their adorable puppiness that I used for advertising my services as a pet photographer start bringing in some business for me SOON!  LOL!  Because they TOTALLY need to start earning their keep around here!  Haha. 


  1. They are really beautiful!

  2. I love your doggies! There are absolutely beautiful! Hey Teresa, would you send me an invite to your blog? My email is
    Sorry Faith, i don't mean to hijack your post :)

  3. lol, it's okay misty...I will copy your response over to Teresa's blog because I don't know if she will come back and see your comment or not... ;-)

  4. Thanks so much Faith! I haven't saw Teresa and the girls and I guess Bro Ken (lol) for so long!

  5. wow! they are beautiful dogs!


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