Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August – The Pictures

Oh sheesh…I have a splitting headache….trying to get this posted tonight is killing me!!  I’m thisclose to giving up and just going to bed.  *moan*  Not to complain or anything.  I will come back later and link up with the photo hunt.  For now, I’m just happy that I’m this close to finishing. 

*edited to add: Here’s the link up to the photo hunt.  Click here to see all the entries (and go to the main site HERE throughout the next month to vote for your favorites).  =) 

  1. A flag that represents you (your town, state, country, team, etc.)
    faith - flag 
    Oh say, can you see?

  2. Something comfortable 
    faith - comfortable
    Yep…he stole the float…I had to take a picture before I kicked him off. 

  3. Something in season
    faith - in season
    Watermelons…and watermelon eating contests

  4. Feet
    faith - feet 
    Little D’s feet…

  5. Repetition
    faith - repetition
    Lined up for the egg toss at the church picnic….

  6. Culture or ethnicity 
    faith - culture  
    Church picnic culture…seriously…it’s in a class of it’s own…

  7. Contrast
    faith - contrast 
    Just black and white around here…

  8. An indulgence
    faith - indulgence
    peanut butter fudge!  I resisted though…

  9. A macro or closeup
    faith - macro
    *shudder*  This writing spider was hanging out just outside the basement…do you know how close I got to get this picture?  *shudder*

  10. Something masculine
    faith - masculine
    Masculine mischief…you can’t tell me they don’t look like they’re up to no good!

  11. Something feminine
    faith - feminine
    Little miss thing and her dainty little bun.

  12. Light
    faith - light
    The sun…brightest light around…not sure why everything looks dark around it…lol

  13. Eco-friendly
    faith - eco friendly 
    Not my favorite but couldn’t come up with a better option…it’s our recycle bin.

  14. Business
    faith - business
    Hey, what are you talking about?  Napping IS serious business!!

  15. An arrow
    faith - arrow 
    “Go left.” 
    “No, LEFT!” 
    “But you said right!” 
    “I meant right as in CORRECT, not right as in RIGHT!!” 
    (sorry…I dropped off into Adventures in Odyssey there for a second…that was Eugene and Connie talking…it’s one of those things when you listen to something over and over as a kid…random quotes just pop into your head at random times)

  16. Something wet
    faith - wet
    Well, since I’m in this picture, it’s pretty obvious I didn’t actually snap it myself but I showed my friend how to use my camera and take the shot…
    And that’s a water balloon shower over dear KC there…*grin*  He’s threatened retribution for that one…lol!

  17. Something dry
    faith - dry
    Uh…my basil plant needs to be watered…I think it qualifies for dry… ;-)

  18. Butterflies*
    faith - butterfly 4faith - butterflyfaith butterfly 2faith - butterfly 3 
    Can’t decide which one to use…I think the biggest one is my favorite though. 

  19. Heart-Shaped Clouds* 
    faith - heart cloud 
    You might have to look closely, but there is ONE in there that looks like a heart. 

  20. Strength 
    faith - strength 
    Yep, they’re strong…tug of war is a hoot…


This was kinda tough and my head is still about to kill me so I’m going to bed now. 

Thanks for dropping by…


  1. I am having fun checking out the entries for the August Photo Hunt -- It is amazing to see all the different interpretations for each prompt. I think my favorites here are the dogs in contrast and strength.

  2. love the contrast of the dogs! the arrow is fun! love the angle of it. and the something wet is hysterical! and i see the heart shaped cloud!
    great job with the hunt!

  3. Feet & contrast are my favorites -- nice job all around! :) I love these scavenger hunts... and agree with you -- the deadline came too fast... I had mine in draft all month! :)



  4. Anonymous12:24 PM

    wonderful selection of photos, i really like the simplicity of masculine, wet is a good one...and your butterfly...how tiny. love the doggies playing tug of war...that's perfect, i think we need another dog!

  5. Nice job.. LOVE your butterfly shots!

  6. Napping IS serious business! I concur. I adore your contrast, but I love your butterflies. :)

  7. I love the contrast photo!

    As far as eco friendly goes, at least you took a photo of your own recycling bin..... we were on a walk when I took one of someone else's......not even someone I know! lol...

    I'm pretty sure half of my children were disowning me at the time....

  8. Great pictures! I think you did a wonderful job!

  9. I love your butterfly shots! They are all so beautiful! I also love your cutie dogs in the contrast shot.

    the close up spider shot though...


  10. I can spot your hart shaped cloud. I was trying to get some while in the car too. But non looked like harts on the photos.

    Would love to try Penutbutter fudge, sounds yammy.

    I realy like the butterfly on the finger one.

  11. Great job! Your comfortable photo is hilariously cute! Also, loved your macro even though I am terrified of spiders! lol it is beautiful though!

  12. I saw the heart right away. Great job. I loved your something wet.

  13. i was killing myself late at night getting it finished too! Then I finally went to bed and did the rest this morning! haha I LOVE spiders so your macro is my favorite but I also love your butterflies and I can TOTALLY see the heart shaped cloud. :)

  14. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I'm loving your photos but my favorite has to be your butterfly shot. I just added you to my reader and look forward to seeing more (I didn't see another way to follow). Have a great night!

  15. Great shots! We love your macro, arrow & butterflies the most!!!

  16. Your watermelon and fudge made me hungry! but I think my favorite is the spider! *shudder*

  17. Thanks for commenting on my own photos!

    As for yours, I love #2, 4, 7, 9, but 19 is absolutely my favorite! I can see the little heart in there, and I love the scenic view you captured.

  18. Those butterfly shots.... WOW!!! Great job!

  19. ewwww... the spider! I mean, cool shot, but ewwww. :)

    Love all the church picnic shots. You're right, it is definitely a culture of it's own.

  20. I'm from NC too! Great entries. My favorite is you butterfly shot. How delicate. Thanks for the cmt on my blog!

  21. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Great shots! Thanks for sharing them, even though it was a struggle to get them up! I'm amazed how close you got to that spider. I am not sure I would have!

  22. nice photos girlie. i love #16. sorry i didn't get to see that 1 in person. lol

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Thanks for visiting & commenting my August photohunt! There will be more Cuba-photos coming to my photostream in Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timokoo/ so you're welcome to there too. :-)

    Liked most comfy, contrast, macro and butterflies. Wet was funny and others good too.

    Greetings from Finland; have a good autumn!

  25. Anonymous8:00 PM

    YOUR DOGS ARE SOOO BIG!!!! =( I haven't saw them in forever!!!! btw, love the butterfly pictures ;)


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