Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Photos & a random update

So I feel like I did a really lousy job on this photo hunt (click here for the other participants) and i had to get really creative for some of these and still missed a couple but oh well. Life was crazy this month. I should have known better than to even try it but whatev. lol.

By the way, to Rachel, “undying”…that was hilarious! LOL! I’m trying to regain life…this week has been full of catchup (but not ketchup…i’m actually almost out of that, in case anyone cares…lol). So from the undead, here’s some of the photos I’ve taken this month along with some random updates…and if you’re just here to see the photos, feel free to skip on over. LOL. =) Oh, and apologies in advance for all the animals and kids….seems like that has been the story of my life this month. HAH.

1. Hilarious Out-Takes
I’m not sure if some of these actually qualify, and I will probably spend lots of time in this post justifying my choices for each category, but I think this one is a pretty good fit. It makes me laugh, and he could not get the goggles on right, so that works…right? It’s late, I’m running on chocolate milk and oreos, and I have PMS, so let me just throw out a disclaimer that anything I say tonight should really just be ignored whether you’re here just for the pictures or not…lol.

2. Creative Crop
Here’s one of those that I’m not sure qualifies but I wanted to use it somewhere. I was standing over the pool looking in…does that count for creative crop?

3. Sun Flare
I wonder how many angels are walking up those sunbeams? And I never realized how difficult it was to get a GOOD sunflare picture….I guess because I’ve spent so much time trying to AVOID sunflare.

4. Sweet Dreams
IMG_7010e2web IMG_7014eweb
Couldn’t decide which to use…so there’s one WITH sunglasses and one without…;-)

5. Work
KC working on the projector at VBS….couldn’t resist this picture when I saw his head popping up over the curtain near the ceiling during the VBS program on Sunday….lol!

6. Play
Well, this was sorta play….that there’s Munchkin last week during swim lessons. She jumped off just fine every time the first day they did diving board….and then she made friends with the special kid who was afraid of the diving board…and just like that, she was magically afraid and couldn’t jump again. I think it should be a rule that if you always do or feel everything that the person you have chosen to be your friend (for that moment) does, you should always have to choose a friend that does positive/appropriate things. Not Munchkin…she is drawn to every single kid who is *insert negative behavior pattern here* and instead of being a good influence….well anyway. Just had to get that off my chest…been bugging me for over a week now. This is what happens when I’m too busy to blog…it all just builds up….lol.

7. Cookout/Picnic
Ah…missed this one…

8. Transportation
OH DEER! No really….DEER! They’re being transported…but they don’t appear to be aware of that fact….would that make this truck a deer hearse? YiKES!

9. Money/Currency
Hmm….remind me what this stuff looks like again? LOL! Mine doesn’t last long enough to take a picture of it….

10. A Fountain
A fountain of energy. And talk. Boy, the words never stop flowing from this little fountain.

11. A Night Scene
Experimenting with my camera….yay for manual. lol!

12. B&W with Selective Coloring
I like this picture better in color actually but it was just the one I picked at random to do the selective coloring on…

13. Something Old
Old building we pass all the time…someday I’d like to get a decent picture of it, but since this is last minute and I don’t have any better options, this will have to do.

14. Something New
New…um…friend? Grasping for straws here…

15. Something Borrowed
Library books...=)

16. Something Blue
Sorry can’t show you the rest of this pic here since this little guy falls into the foster kid category, but his blue eyes are awesome!

17. Something Musical
Kids singing in the VBS program on Sunday. I’m not even going to get started on the whole VBS thing…maybe it’s just cause I was pre-pms’ing but the annoying vs non-annoying kid ratio was WAY out of balance this year and NOT in the non-annoying kid’s favor!….*insert huge sigh of relief that this VBS is OVER*

18. Something Purple
one of the baby’s blankets…and yes, it’s a boy but he just has this one random purple blanket….lol

19. Something Yellow
Um…another dog picture….sorry.

20. Something Scenic
I could so do better on scenic…but I didn’t. *wincing* Hopefully I’ll do better next go around and be much less rushed.

Finishing the update…I have been practicing for pet portraits…thanks to all the canine pals (and non-canines) I’ve had around the house, I’m hoping to get lots of experience and drum up some business on the side…IMG_6879ewebIMG_6967eweb2 IMG_7184webIMG_7179eweb
Been in the pool lots…workin up the Pocahontas look…although despite what my hubby says, he’s not that far behind me on the tan…Big Chief Powhatan just likes to harass me. ;-)

Totally missed Father’s day and a birthday and anniversary and haven’t talked to my mom in like a week (sorry mom, dad, and inlaws…I’ve been a little busy trying to return from the dead…no excuse, I know…lol).

I can’t think of anything else right now…I have some pictures I need to add to the private blog but no time right now to do it…will try to update that later. I’m sure I’m totally missing something extremely important that I wanted to blog but my brain needs some sleep in order to continue this undying process. Maybe by next week I’ll be fully returned to life again….lol. Or not. I’m not feeling so positive right now. haha.

So there’s lots of blah blah to make up for not posting for a week and a half. (oops) Goodnight!


  1. Great pics! I'm trying to get mine edited so I can upload them to the blog this week. I think I may have missed one or two also. Love the pet portraits! :o) Hope you get rested this weekend. (?)

  2. love the pix, you GO GIRL!!!

  3. Your dogs are so cute! You do a nice job capturing their cuteness. I love, love, love your sweet dreams. I can see why you couldn't choose. The one where this feet are crossed and the other with that face. Ugh! Too precious. (Seriously if time, money, space, and energy were no issue, I'd get a puppy every year.) New is precious. What a shot! Your selective color was another favorite of mine. Lovely stuff!

  4. oh my i just think the sweet dreams is absolutely the cutest!

  5. I liked all you pics and I totally got them all.

  6. The snoozing pup was my favorite...;)

  7. Good photos! I love your perspective on a fountain! And your borrowed photo is great, too.

  8. Great Job Faith! Love your something new.. too cute for words!

  9. Sweet dreams is absolutely adorable! ADORABLE!

  10. Nice job Faith! your doggies (and kids!) are so cute!!


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