Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Need Some Title Ideas

I’m getting tired of putting all these titles of “Busy” and *sigh* and such….although, to be quite honest, they are probably the most appropriate for my frame of mind these days. 

Well, I need to blog on my private blog.  Need to vent a little and can’t really do it here.  LOL.  I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I posted.  I have been SOOO busy. 

Frankly if I never see fleece again, it will be too soon.  Okay, so maybe not…I still love fleece blankets cuz they are adorable and cuddly but my hand is HURTING from all the cutting for these VBS crafts.  I have been booking it to get these crafts ready in time.  I kept putting it off because frankly I am extremely intimidated by piles of fabric and my sewing machine and this year’s VBS crafts for the smallest class consist largely of those two items.  YIKES.  Twenty fabric pocket wall hangings.  Let’s just hope all those toddlers don’t know the difference between straight and crooked sewing.  Except for my sewing, the fabrics and projects turned out really cute but I just dreaded getting started because of all those yards and yards of fabric.   Anyway, it’s finished except for copying the little images to tuck in the pockets and printing off the VBS saying to go across the bottom.  I will hopefully get that last part done before the end of VBS.  *grin*  Nothing like a little MORE procrastination.  (Mr. VBS Director, if you read my blog, please pretend you didn’t see that last little bit…lol)

We have been so busy the last week, between appointments, the VBS stuff, the choir went over to Tennessee on Friday night to sing in service, just every day was packed full.  I have put like 1000 miles on the van just running around the last few weeks and this next week is going to be even worse!  I have something every day in opposite directions (and we are talking a 40 mile span of opposite directions) and a close time frame on everything plus weeklong VBS…we’re talking CRAZY.  I’ve got this very bad feeling that I’m going to be run so ragged that I’m liable to be like the slinky dog in Toy Story….my back end is going to take awhile to catch up and I’m most likely going to meet it going the other direction.

*sigh*  As I posted on my facebook the other day: “Busy, busy, frightfully busy, you’ve no idea what I have to do…”  Gotta love the Veggies.  So true to life.  Haha.  Now what did I do with my hairbrush?  LOL. 

Time for bed again…I’m just going to close my eyes and June will be over.  How is that possible???  *sigh*  Later!


  1. Isn't there anything that you can say a great big "NO" to? Love you and hope all goes well.

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    My top ten list of ideas for your blog:

    1) I'm learning to say NO

    2) Refer to number 1 (

    3) I have the best hubby in the whole wide world
    4) Refer to number 3

    5) My life is busy, but it's better than being dead
    6) My pool life is killing me...

    7) I'm giving Pocahontas a run for her money

    8) I'm giving the Highway Patrol a run for their money

    9) My dogs are up for sale for $1

    10) Refer to number 3

    Love, your hubby

  3. LOL to KC's comment. ANd I thought I had trouble saying no. Hope things slow down for you really soon, cause you're right about the running down part if you don't. Trust me, I should know. :o)

  4. Another thing to think about for titling your posts is to write your post first, then pick something out in one of your paragraphs for the title. That way, as your readers are reading they're like where did THAT title come from? And then they'll see it later on. It just kinda mixes things up a bit. That's what I do when I can think of something creative. :o)

  5. I meant "can't think..."
    aparently I can't think at all. lol.

  6. awwww.... if I were there I would help you. Sounds like you need a few more arms . Hope all goes well.

  7. well i haven't exactly been the support i wanted to with the vbs craft preparation this year, that's one reason why you're slammed.

    maybe after vbs you can take a deep breath and relax. maybe i'll be "released" to drive by then and i can see you or something. maybe.

    and HAHAHAHAAAA to kc's comment... that was pretty good.

  8. I like Casey's ideas for blogs. I got tickled and had to repeat it to Shane.


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