Monday, May 03, 2010

Weekend To Remember

But I think I’d rather forget! 

Shooo.  So I posted the photo scavenger hunt pictures on Friday night and then promptly went to bed feeling a little queasy.  KC had already gone to bed and when I got in there, I discovered that he was already sick.  Well, like clockwork, the exact same symptoms with the exact same timing, we both concluded that something we ate for supper two hours or so before, had given us food poisoning. 

The floor in front of our toilet never got cold that night, and the floor in front of the next nearest toilet was also warmed occasionally.  Before the end of the night, KC found me sleeping half in and half out of the half bath in the hall when he was on his way to the kitchen to get a sip of water when his symptoms finally started easing off about 4 o’clock. 

Thank God, my parents had spent the night and were there the next morning to take care of the kids and help us finish getting ready for the Munchkin’s birthday party that we’d scheduled for that afternoon.  And thank God, also, that “Marge In Charge” (fondly known as my mother in law) came early with all the party food and finished the decorations and party prep.  And my buds from church who helped me finish setting up the games for the kids and then ran the games and took pics for me while I moaned and groaned and avoided the smells of food from the sidelines.  Oh, it was miserable.  Poor KC and poor me.  We were both better on Saturday morning, except for the aching and soreness that comes from being violently sick every 15-20 minutes for 9 solid hours, and by Sunday morning, we woke up feeling completely normal again.  Thank God for that, too! 

Needless to say, Munchkin’s sixth birthday will not be one I’ll forget anytime soon.  And I don’t care to have spicy ranch again anytime soon either.  LOL. 

Sooo…that’s why I haven’t blogged in days, in case you missed me.  And here’s a pic from the cowgirl’s party….

ThreeAmigos websm

This is part of a page I created today for one of my creative teams, but the kit isn’t out yet, so I can’t post it till it comes out.  I’ll come back on Wednesday and remove the crop so you can see the whole page.  LOL. 

I’ll post credits then, too. 

In the meantime, I’ve gotta run…laundry folding awaits me.  JOY.  NOT.


  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    May I offer a bit of info? I always keep activated charcoal on hand for this type of problem. Either taken in capsule form or open the capsule and dissolve in water. Looks awful, but no taste. This works by absorbing the toxins. Have a great day!

  2. I've heard of the above also. Maybe you should get some to have on hand.

  3. Well, the party was a hit for my boys. They are still playing cowboys. Eric took his bandana and the invitation to show n tell. Sorry you both were feeling crummy.

    I have never heard of activated charcoal. Hmm.. I wonder if it's in the herb section. Glad you are all well and acounted for.

  4. Thanks for the charcoal tip, where do you find that?

    Nikki, I'm so glad you guys came...and I'm super glad the boys had a good time! I think it was a hit with all the kids and I was SOOO glad that it wasn't another princess party. lol!

  5. Anonymous10:38 AM

    You can find activated charcoal at the health food store at a very economical price. I just happen to use the SOLARAY brand. The last time I purchased it, it was less than $10.00 for 90 capsules. Capsules are best since you can open them and dissolve in water. I usually use 2 capsules per dosage. This can be repeated at regular intervals. The only contraindication would be, if someone is on prescription meds, do not take it at the same time or close to the same time period. Works great. It is also a good idea to take a charcoal after eating out as an ounce of prevention. Helps to nip it in the bud before it becomes severe. Hope this helps.

  6. The party was great! So sorry that you and Casey weren't feeling well. Carter loves the "GOLD" rocks. He's been playing with them in his sand & water table this week. Have a great week!


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