Monday, May 10, 2010

Dum da da DUMMMMMM…

Sheesh I have been a busy little bee.  All kinds of stuff going on.  Did ya notice the blog got a change of outfits?  I changed the tagline, too…lol. 

I really don’t even have time to be here now…the hubby will be home any minute and I’m sitting here vegging on the couch with the pups.  I need to get up and look busy so he won’t think this is what I do all day (even if it is…lololol).  ANYWHO, in my defense, I’m a little whooped.  I spent all morning volunteering at Munchkin’s school for Field Day and when I left the house this morning I had a splitting headache and spending all day outside in the pollen didn’t help matters any.  Not to mention being around 500 screaming kindergarteners and their loudly cheering parents left me feeling slightly neurotic and craving chocolate of some kind.  Okay, the chocolate craving comes from something else, but all that together just didn’t make for a swell day.  I should really just go away now, quit whining, and take the midol already, but what can I say…I really need to post something so ya’ll don’t think I died. 

Now that ya’ll know I’m alive, I’m just gonna go take that midol now.  Oh and just so no one worries, the puppies are still alive, and so are the kids and hubby…I haven’t knocked anyone out yet.  LOL!!  ;-) 

Okay, I’m back now.  Everyone has eaten (God bless that amazing hubby and bless $6.00 Papa John’s pizza night), the kids have been bathed, the tent has been assembled in the backyard and sprayed heavily with silicone rain guard in preparation for this weekend’s potential camping trip, the cars have been washed, and now the kids are in bed and I have broken out the chocolate.  This is TRULY my favorite time of day.  LOL! 

APennington_TemplateWeek2-Easterweblg2 I’m a little perturbed that a couple of my websites are down for the digital stuff I need to post.  I did this page today…it was very quick and surprisingly enough, turned out pretty good in my opinion for something that I just literally threw together.  LOL.  

This is with the Perspective Collab by the Polka Dot Plum Designers but PDP is down right now so I can’t link.  *ugh*


I don’t remember if I mentioned that we did family pics about a month ago or not, but my friend, Jules, and I traded services and she posted some of the shots she took of us on her photography site.  Well, I posted some of my edits of her shots on my photography site today (and I also updated the look of the photography blog as well, since I just noticed today that it still said 2007 on it…YIKES)…anyways, you should go check it out.  (Jules, I know you do great editing yourself, but if you want my edited versions of your shots, just let me know and I can email them to you. ;-)

And speaking of editing, (*insert evil chuckle*) have I ever mentioned I love Photoshop? 

It’s a brilliant program in which one can take photos like the following…
10 179before10 180before
Photos which are lovely, but contain kids and puppies who can’t resist making faces or just can’t look at the camera at the same time, and who make mom make really frustrated faces….

And turn them into a photo that looks like THIS: 10 179edit3web

Yippee!  Photoshop rocks!  LOL!  And oh my goodness the puppies have grown WAY too much in the month since this picture was taken!  YOW! 

Moving on, Jules got some cool shots of me and the amazing hubby, too.  Haven’t had photos of just us taken in awhile.  ;-)  Davis & Gilbert 10 144edit1webDavis & Gilbert 10 227web Davis & Gilbert 10 232editwebDavis & Gilbert 10 209edit2web

Davis & Gilbert 10 151edit1webI love a bunch of the shots, but I think this next one is one of my favorite family ones…some of ya’ll might get a copy if I ever get my act together and get some printed.  *grin*

We were trying to do a “everybody leaning outward” shot, but apparently Munchkin and I were the only ones who got that.  LOL.  Although K-man’s stripes are sorta leaning the right direction….lolol!  Oh well, I still like it. 

And on other topics, I have a bunch of photos in my camera from today’s field day and a couple of great shots of a hissing Snowball, but I think those will have to wait for another day because I’ve been working on this post for like hours and hours now.  LOL. 

Goodnight…thanks for reading. =) 
Love ya’ll!  


  1. I like your new look. I love the photo. Can I have a copy? LOL

  2. Thanks, Mom....and um...yeah...pretend you didn't see that picture....there's a copy in your mother's day bag that you haven't gotten yet. lol!! =)

  3. I love your new look too! Makes me want to change mine again. :o) But I think I'll keep the look I have until the end of this month. Well maybe. I kind of have the bug to change it now. LOL. Anywho...

    Great photo edits. I love me some photoshop too. It's amazing what one can do with it, isn't it?

  4. to the best blogger........ your pictures are sooo good but i didn't catch the "new look". You always look great. And I love your dogs...have a great day.

  5. I love all the pictures.


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