Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Houston? We Have A Problem.

Something is dreadfully wrong with me.  I do not know what it is, but I do not generally have a sweet tooth.  I can pass on the candy aisle, and except for a pan of hot brownies or an occasional box of nerds, I usually don’t have many problems resisting temptation when it comes to the sweet stuff. 

But for the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a weird craving for sugary super unhealthy foods.  As in, I baked MYSELF a birthday cake last week because it was a good excuse to eat cake.  As in, I made cookies 2 weeks ago without KC asking for them.  As in, right this second, I am inhaling Oreo pudding that I made a few hours ago. 

I realized there was a problem today when I was at the grocery store at 7:45am and I put the second box of cookies in the cart…and then I realized it again when I got to the milk section, and a jug of chocolate milk somehow appeared in my buggy.  And then when I had to get a bag of Easter candy for Munchkin’s school, somehow I got an extra bag.  And when I got to the checkout, there were three boxes of pudding in the buggy. 

But then I got home and MADE two boxes of those puddings that ended up in my cart.  Didn’t even put them in the cabinet first.  Something is WRONG with this picture!  I hardly ever buy anything sweet…generally if it’s sweet in our house, KC picked it up!!!  And weirder than that, is that at supper, I couldn’t wait to get the puddin’ out, so desert was on the table WITH our supper…and KC, mister sweet tooth, himself, didn’t want any…HELLO?  Something is WRONG!

coolest-candy-land-cake-14-34446And not only that, I even gave the Munchkin an option to do a  Candyland party for her birthday…imagine all the sweets that go along with THAT theme.  I mean, just check out that cake over there…and that was only one of MANY sugary options!!!  I suppose I should be grateful (and amazed, because that child has more of a sweet tooth than the cookie monster) that she declined the Candyland theme idea, but the biggest surprise is that I even gave her that choice!  I am used to be a total sugar Nazi and I don’t know what’s happening!?!fat

This just isn’t like me. 

And I’m getting worried that THIS --------->> 
will soon be like me.


And on a totally different topic, please note, you peeps who are so stinkin’ picky about my blog header being so 2009….the blog has finally made it to the new year.  ;-)  ;-)  Happy?  LOL!  That’s one problem with an easy fix. 

Now, puddin’s gone…gonna go raid the candy dish. 


  1. Aunt Carol10:25 PM

    Okay Faith - so I was so good today and had fresh fruit for my sweet tooth - but now, after reading your blog, I just opened up the Oreo cookies and am diving in!!!!

  2. Aunt C, the fresh fruit didn't work for me today either...*sigh* Sometimes nothing but an Oreo will do...so sorry though, it appears my sickness is contagious!! *GRIN*

  3. LOL!!! This post cracked me up today! :o) Your not...ahemm...are you? Craving sweets isn't normal for you...LOL. :o) I was craving homebaked cookies today...but I decided to save my energy for a knock out supper instead! Hubs seemed to appreciate it. Maybe I'll bake them tomorrow. Cept now I'm thinking oreo pudding sounds good. LOL.

  4. I'm having the same problem!! I mean I generally LOVE sugar. But I have really been craving super sweet stuff like anything with frosting lately. Definitely going to be a problem.... ;)

  5. So, what time of the month is it? And if not that time then it's got to be the "O" word. Those two excuses combined give you reasons to crave whatever you want all month long. Which turns into all year long. Which is basically all of your life!!! (I am not justifying, just saying!)

  6. Hey!
    How did you get that picture of me?!

  7. no Teresa that Picture is of me and how did you get it? I didnt know anyone was there that day. love ya

  8. I like your blog change :)

  9. I would love to be of some help, but unfortunately I seem to having the same problem!!

    Then it hit me just a couple of days ago that Easter is in just a couple of weeks, and with it will baskets full of candy.

    I've got to stop myself and soon!


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