Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pink, Purple, & Yellow

Church Workday Rule #1359:
Never tell two chicks who aren't quite totally enthused with the assignment of painting the church boiler room to "just go to the basement and grab whatever leftover paint you can find," or you might end up with a really girly boiler room. They DID say whatever paint we found!!!

We really can't be blamed for picking roses and lavender and sunshine out of the 298 old cans of paint in the basement (that came from who knows what and has been there for who knows how long)...nope, can't be blamed at all.

If ya gotta paint around all those pipes, the best way to have a good time doing it is to pick fun, cheerful colors that make you smile, AND also irk the men who assigned the task. ;-) They will think twice before giving us free reign with the paint colors again...*grin*

PS: It's a good thing we gots good hubby's who were finally able to see the humor and laugh about it...after they recovered from their shock and disbelief and discust, right, Sis.T?

Oh yeah, and in case you can't tell from the picture (my cellphone was all I had with, the wall with the door is pink (pretty bright, actually) and the wall behind the yellow shelf is purple. We started with the purple and painted till it ran out and then started on the pink. We were gonna put yellow on the walls, too, but the one we found originally was bad and we didn't find the other gallon of yellow until after the walls were already pink and purple, so the shelf got a nice coat of sunshine. *GRIN*


  1. That's a riot!!!! Love it!

    Imagine the next repair guy that comes. ha!

  2. hahaha, nice one!

  3. That's fantastic!
    In the direction of you blog title;Faith, honey, it's 2010 not 2009. Sometime you just go to let the past go. lol

  4. Hey, I like your new look... Springy.... Love you

  5. Would've LOVED to see the guy's faces when the discovered it!

  6. LOL! Too hilarious! I'm glad y'all had fun doing it!!

  7. Yep. Those are good men we got!
    What fun that was!


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