Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Leaf?


Well, I’ve been hesitant to talk about this for fear of jinxing it, but after she brought home a book her class made for her today, I couldn’t resist sharing. 

So we were a little worried that with the transfer to the new school, we would have more acting out (and possibly worse) because of all the changes.  I wasn’t so worried about her making friends because she will walk up and strike a conversation with anyone and everyone, and she didn’t appear to be worried about it until the last week at her old school, when suddenly she just KNEW that she wouldn’t like her new school and she wouldn’t make any friends and yada yada. 

Well, the first week of her new school, she had all good days, and she said she’d made ONE friend.  And it was evident in the way she talked, that she was reluctant to admit that it wasn’t nearly as bad as she wanted it to be.  In the second week, we had some mild battles about her lunches and what she wanted to be packed in her lunchbox versus what COULD be packed in her lunchbox, and I finally found something she would eat without complaint (1/2 a sandwich – ONLY bologna and mayo, NO cheese and NO mustard and ONLY a 1/2 of a sandwich plus baby carrots, yogurt, applesauce, or an apple).  She still had all good days though.  Third week and the trend continued, and she even got Queen Bee of the day one day, plus a AAA student medal (which now resides proudly on her backpack).  Fourth week and not a single bad day. 

Got the report card and her scores in math, reading, and science were great, and her behavior was perfect.  We were in seventh heaven, especially after the way the first part of the year went…I mean, I had a note almost every single day at her old school because she just wouldn’t follow the rules, so this is a wonderful switch, let me tell ya!  I love getting smileys instead of x’s across the smileys.  (lol)

And now we’re ending week five and today she came home with Queen Bee of the day award again.  And today, the class all drew pictures for Queen Bee and a statement of what they thought of her (Munchkin is _____) and signed their names on the back.  Quite possibly the most adorable thing ever.  She had a lot of “BFF”s (which I pointed out and she admitted that, “Yes, she does have lots of friends now.”) and then almost the last page….I laughed out loud.  A boy said she was “hot.”  Oh dear.  LOLOLOLOL!  Here are a couple…of course, I blanked out names and inserted anonymous references.  ;-)


1. I really like how in every picture, they drew her wearing a skirt.  LOL.  Kids are so observant…and yet, she’s still “fun.”  You go, Munchkin!  =)
2. This girl can DRAW.  she put adorable little princess crowns on their heads.  Munchkin said that the first girl is Munchkin and the other girl is her friend (BFF, no less) from school who drew the picture.  One other thing to note is that they are exceedingly tall…and most of it is legs.  LOL!


3. Munchkin is cool.  LOL…cute or what?
4. Munchkin is hot.  BWAHAHAHAHA.  She’s also bald, according to this little boy, but oh well, hot is hot, right?  I thought it was funny that all the boys used adjectives like cute, hot, sweet, etc, and 95% of the girls said she was BFF (which according to Munchkin means “be my friend forever” LOL) So funny!

Anyway, here’s hoping I didn’t just jinx this whole new leaf of hers.  If I had to guess at the cause of this turn around, I think there are several possibilities…

  • Challenge – this school seems to do much more challenging activities during the school day and she has very, VERY little homework when she comes home, because they do all their work AT school.  I think this is a plus for both of us (lol).  Consequently, I think she’s too busy to get into trouble.
  • Classmates – at her old school, she happened to get 4 of the kids from her preschool in her class.  Her preschool teacher winced when I told her which kids were in her class and suggested that I give serious consideration to moving her.  She didn’t say it in so many words, but knowing the kids from her class at preschool, they may not have been quite the positive influence she needed. 
  • Change – I’m thinking maybe just being something new and a new teacher, maybe it was a fresh start for her and being the new kid and going in on her best behavior, maybe she realized how much nicer it is to get smiley faces than X’s.  LOL. 

Whatever the case, I like it and *knocking on wood while saying a prayer* I hope it continues.  LOL.  =)  And there it is.  An update on my girl…and while life in our house hasn’t changed all that much (at least not as dramatically as school), with the exception of a few things we’re still dealing with (normal issues with five year olds), things are rather peaceful.  LOL.  To quote one of those major fast food chains, I’m LOVIN’ it!

And now I’m off to SCRAP this joyous occasion…just in case I did jinx it, I’d like it to be documented in two places so that I will never ever forget.  LOL! 


  1. WAY TO GO MUNCHKIN!!! I admit that when I found out she was changing schools I thought it would probably be a challenge, cause I know in the past she's had a hard time with change. So glad it turned out so great!! Good for her :)

  2. I was impressed with drawing #2 also. However I noticed one of the girls doesn't have any hands. Or maybe she has hands and no fingers. :o) Either way, very good. And sweet of her classmates to write positive things about her.

    I had wondered how the change of schools would be for her. Glad to hear things are going well for you both.

  3. This is so GREAT. I think she actually seems happier as well. Just keep on keeping on.... Love you

  4. Wonderful!! Keep planting the good seeds.

  5. Wow! I'm glad Munchkin is doing great at her new school. How sweet of the kids to draw pics for the Queen Bee. Hope you keep getting the smiley faces:)

  6. I have meant to ask you before if you and munchin wear skirts as some type of religious/moral belief or just because you REALLY like skirts/dresses :)

  7. Sounds to me like Munchkin is going to do just great! Sometimes a change is the best thing.


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