Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looks Can Be Deceiving…

Like this foyer for instance…
It looks like it was a fairly simple job to go from the “before” to the “after”IMG_5211ewebIMG_5699eweb
It also looks like the door was whiter in the “before” but actually, it wasn’t.  I used flash in the before photos because it was very “dark” in there before and in the after photos, I used natural light only. 

In the before photos, the chandelier looks brown…it’s actually almost black, which I discovered when we were up on the scaffolding and I decided to dust it while we were up there. 

It also doesn’t look like it would be that tall of a room…and you wouldn’t think that when you’re up on the top of the scaffolding, that it would be THAT high up…but yowza!  It was tall.  And that skinny little board didn’t feel very substantial.  Here’s some pictures of the process of getting rid of the old color (what we affectionately dubbed the “self-tanner disaster”).  Fake tan, meet high-hiding primer!


And yah, a full day later: high-hiding primer, meet neutral gray-green.  As a side-note, the close-up of the door and trim is not the gray-green, it’s the difference between the fresh white trim and the dingy (still needs to be repainted) front door.  And the picture just fit in that spot, so put it there even though it doesn’t go with the rest of these.  LOL
AHh…my mother took a picture of me on the scaffolding over the stairs.  She said it was me cleaning my ear.  I say looks can be deceiving.  I was….um….it was a balance issue…I was standing on a single skinny board and by tugging my ear, I was able to retain my balance…uh…yeah.  LOL!

Oh and it LOOKS like Snowball decided to help us.  Um…but then she saw us watching her and hurriedly ran back down the ladder.  LOL!
IMG_5631eweb IMG_5633eweb

Oh and while I’m here, let me just go ahead and post one more before/after.  IMG_5227ewebIMG_5696eweb  IMG_5556IMG_5697eweb
There were all kinds of holes in this bathroom…I had to patch several times before I could paint.  And then I had to prime it twice to get rid of that awful teal/aqua/green whatever it was.  I am MUCH happier with it now!  It looks Mahhhhvelous!  And I really like how the cabinet turned out in black.  We also painted that mirror black (originally wood grain), which I found at a consignment shop for $9.  This bathroom was mirror-less when we got here.  LOL. 

Anyway, two more projects crossed off my to-do list.  (Except KC got home and said I hung the mirror too low.  I said, tough cookies, you want it moved, YOU get to do it.  LOL…except we were both nicer about it.  LOL!  But I’m serious about one part…I ain’t gonna move it.  If you’re tall and wanna see in the mirror, bend over.  Ya gotta bend over to wash your hands in the sink anyway, so just look in the mirror while you’re down there.  HAH.  LOL!)

Well, it’s time for the kids bath and bed, so catch’a later!  =)


  1. I actually liked how your foyer looked before (when I first saw it), but I love how it looks now! Amazing how some paint can really brighten up a place!

    You guys are putting me me to shame! I feel like I need to hurry up and get my living room and hallway painted before you get your whole house finished! LOL. :o)

  2. it looks great. you all have worked very hard on painting your house. love the colors.

  3. well you are doing a great job... It's going to look like a mansion.. Love the colors..

  4. wow~ it looks awesome, that IS a ton of work!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great job! Y'all are brave with that ceiling height - I'm too lazy. I'd probably just live with it.

  6. I'm sooo happy for you! This place looks great!

  7. Cant help but to say I liked the "Old" color in the entrance way;0) The bathroom is an improvement. Amazing what a coat or two or three of paint will do!But, it's not my house. You haven't gotten rid of the laundry shoot, have you?


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