Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hang On To Your Seats!

It’s finally here!  What you’ve anxiously been awaiting…or maybe not.  But anyways, I finally have an AFTER to post!  Wahoo. 

It’s the Master Bedroom:
IMG_5214e IMG_5549eweb
 IMG_5690eweb IMG_5686eweb

In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that there is an ironing board in the corner that I moved for both of the above pictures because that just wasn’t….ah, ya know…anyway.  SO when you look in our room, the below shot is the “actual view” (ROFL). 
IMG_5688ewebThe color is Eddie Bauer “Wicker” and while it looks really similar to our last bedroom color, it’s actually a lot lighter.

Not included in this post, is the “during” picture of KC’s mom in her painting hospital gown…left that out upon threat of death.  Also, while we’re on the topic of KC’s mom and us painting, when we were painting this “master bedroom,” we had to do a lot of patching on those walls.  And you know how you can tell the furniture arrangements because of the way the carpet is flattened?  Well, a lot of the patching was on the wall closest to the bed imprints.  Well, I really can’t say much on here because this is a G rated blog, but SOMEBODY said something and it wasn’t me…and it was after we found handprints on the ceiling over the bed imprints.  *gulp*  *wide-eyes*  Moving on. 

Anyway, I still have this cough and tired junk hanging on, but I’ve managed to somehow keep on going.  Well, part of the time I’ve managed to keep on going.  Yesterday I pretty much passed out on the couch until lunchtime, but today I managed to paint the ceiling and crown molding in the lower hallway, primed the upper hallway, scrubbed the paint off the stairs, finished unpacking the master bedroom, painted the vanity in the 1/2 bath, and…oh, a few loads of laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, cooked supper….ya know…just little stuff like that. 

Oh yeah and yesterday evening (after I forced myself to leave the couch) I put this together: (I finally caved to peer pressure after seeing them all over the web…like here, here, and here) and took these four items from the $ Tree plus super glue from Wallyworld (I’m only counting $4 since I needed the super glue to fix other things, too…lol)IMG_5683eweb
And turned them into this:

I’m really thinking this could use a tray or something under it to tie it together, but I like it so far.  And here’s a little sneak peek on the master bath as a bonus…lol. 

I didn’t take after pics of the master bathroom yet because it’s not perfect yet and I’m anal like that.  LOL.  Also it wasn’t quite clean.  And…ahem…I didn’t feel like cleaning it.  LOL. 

But this corner looks quite peaceful and clean, don’t you think?  LOL! 

Well, that’s about it for today.  I know it doesn’t make up for all the lack of posting, but there’s only so many ways to say “yeah, I’m sick and we’re still painting” before it gets a little old, know what I mean?  LOL.  So. That’s about it.  =) 



  1. Everything is looking really super-duper! :o) Love the craft you put together. Looks really nice in the bathroom with the candle.

    Compared to some (like me) you sound like super woman. LOL. Hope you get to feeling better SOON.

  2. Looks like you have been overwhelmed with painting. I like your changes and I am going to have to look into your vase gluing. Another blogger had something similar only they had made an individual cupcake plate that looked like a mini cake plate. Getting some glass items from 2nd hand stores or antique shops would be very interesting.

  3. wow! and i am cracking up about the hand prints in the bedroom, nothing like piecing together what has gone on in you new house :)

  4. It looks gorgeous!! Laughed out loud about the imprints and the handprints. HANDPRINTS?? On the CEILING??? :)


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