Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February Stuff

Okay…let’s see here.  I’m gonna lump all these things into one post for the beginning, but at the end of the month, they will be in their own separate posts. 

First up, thanks to this new house, I have lots of areas in need of some major re-organizing.  So I’m hopping on this challenge in hopes that while I’m re-organizing, maybe I can win something in the process.  Here are the areas that I’m gonna try to do this month:

The office: (otherwise known as the dumping grounds during our recent move…yikes…desperately needs some work!)IMG_5649eweb
K-man’s bedroom: (and here’s where you get a sneak peek at his “star wars blue” room color that we painted last weekend.  =)  His closet “threw up” and there is nowhere for his toys or clothes, until we get an organizer hung in his closet and organize all his stuff on it.  All the stuff sitting around his room has no home, and the last picture is the rest of the stuff that used to be in his room in the old house, just waiting in limbo in the “smurf room” which is also known as the bonus/extra bedroom upstairs)
IMG_5650ewebIMG_5651eweb IMG_5652ewebIMG_5653eweb

The Laundry Room: (most certainly NOT the most pleasant place to do laundry)
The Kitchen Desk: (another dumping ground during the move)
The Medicine Cabinet: (just needs to be put back together and reorganized because when I packed it, I just wanted it to fit in a box, and I had to scramble the whole mess to do it.  *sigh*)

And then last, but certainly not least….February Photo Hunt! 

I’m hopefully gonna finish it this time, and I signed up because I need to pick up my camera and get going again.  ;-)  So…care to join me?  =)


  1. Excited to have you be part of the Photo Hunt again!

  2. Fun! Love the colors...and you get at least 3 free months in a new house to get organized, ya know!

  3. You DO have a great paint picker outer! I'll know the color I want to end up with, but never seem to get the right chip of it. I want the blue Kman has in his room, for my new upstairs bath, but ended up with something more like the smurf blue. I'm stuck with it until who knows when!!


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