Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Photos

Well, I didn’t think I was going to make it.  I got sick today and there were a bunch of photos that I procrastinated on finding.  *sigh*  Some of these aren’t exactly what I would have chosen, but at the last minute and being sick on top of it, I just did what I could so I could finish.  LOL.  (See all the other entries here.)  SO here goes:

  1. A tower
    I guess this qualifies…lol…

  2. “Main Street”
    It’s on the sign… =)

  3. Five

  4. A dog or cat
    My snow cat…in memory of Jango.  :-( 

  5. Two of a kind
    Salt & Pepper…a classic pair.

  6. A clock
    No comment…it’s a clock…a giant one…not exactly the most photo worthy subject, but oh well. 

  7. A game
    Princesses on the Wii…and the most annoying music in the world.  LOL.

  8. Something sweet
    A chocolate candle…mmm…=)

  9. B&W w/selective coloring
    Pretty classic, but I was short on ideas at this point.  =)

  10. Your own reflection 
    Yep, that’s my reflection…right after I got ready for my hot valentine date.  ;-)

  11. A mirror image
    on our dresser

  12. Night image
    Would you believe, it snowed on our hot valentine date?

  13. Something homemade
    The valentine that munchkin made for us…

  14. Something pink
    And the cupcakes that Mawmaw made for us…feel the love. ;-)  Okay, so she made them for the grandkids, but they shared…lol…oh well.

  15. Something romantic
    Dinner for two at the Outback… YEAH!  With a free bloomin onion…DOUBLE yeah!  Not so romantic for kissing later though.  LOL

  16. A candid shot
    Sheesh, look at the circles under those eyes…a very tired munchkin playing her princess game.

  17. A portrait 
    Wasn’t sure if this qualifies as a “portrait” or “candid” but I didn’t have one for here, so I’m using it. 

  18. A symbol of love
    Well, technically, this is a symbol of “Love’s” but it works, right?

  19. A landscape
    Here’s two…I couldn’t decide which one to use.

  20. Chocolate
    Thin Mints…oh dear. 

The end.  My head is splitting and I’ve got terrible chills so I’m going to go curl up under a blanket for another few hours…I hate being sick.  ARGH.


  1. Great pics! Was this for the Feb. Photo Hunt? I didn't join cuz I knew I wouldn't make it. Maybe I will do the next one...with my NEW CAMERA!!! Woot-woot! Be looking for a blog post from me, about it soon. :o)

  2. #10 Lookin' good ;)
    #18 made me laugh

    It was a short month! Feel better soon.

  3. loved your cat shot and are those thin mints in the last shot?
    nice results

    Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  4. cute, yet simple, 2 of a kind.. I like your Five as well!
    I always enjoy your entries!

  5. Way to go, despite the challenges!

  6. Hi, Faith. I really like how you set your photos into your post with the white boarder frame, at a slight angle and with that bit of shadow that makes them pop off the page a little. Very clever! I don't think I've ever seen that before. Your snow cat picture is so sweet! Did you make that? I know you said it was in your cats memory, which is really sad, but the fact that you or someone in your house made that is awesome! I mean, that takes a level of talent I know I don't possess. Good job! Also, your Main Street and night image captures are both fabulous.

  7. Absolutely lovely snowcat!

  8. Great shots Faith! Loved your snow cat and so many others :)

  9. I like your 'black & white w/selective coloring'. 'Your own reflection' is beautiful too :)

  10. Great shots! Love the thin mints, yum! Now I need some! Your bw selective shot is great too!

  11. Wonderful! I loved your pink cupcakes. Delicious. And your B&W shot is fantastic. Loved your reflection, it's always fun to get dressed up for a hot date, huh!
    Great collection!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.


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