Sunday, February 21, 2010

Computer Time


Yes, our kids are just as addicted to the computer screen as their parents.  LOL.  However, I want to know who decided that all kids shows and games should have annoying music? 

It’s a good thing the games on the computer occupy our kids attention for long periods of time WHILE being educational or else that music really WOULD drive me nuts!  LOL!

Here’s a layout of pics I took of the kids while they were playing/watching each other play the other day.

Credits: Template & Kit (The Prince) by Cara of Sweet Tomato Designs (and you can find all her designs at Polka Dot Plum).  Fonts: Times&TimesAgain, DaunPenh


  1. Love it! And you know it makes them feel all important and all cause they are on the compture. They probably know more about it than we do. :o)

  2. lol, Kobe LOVES the computer!

  3. About the use of the computer and electronic tecknoledgy in these times. I recently went to my mothers in NY. and I flew. Sitting there in the airport watching the things that are going on, this is what I noticed so being my memory deficiency as it is I found some paper and wrote it down. Catch it now or a good chance one will never see it again. One gets enlightened flying, for just sitting around waiting for the plane to see a mopdern family wait with cell phone, laptop, vidio games. two children under the age of eight knowing all the ways to operate the gismoes. Sure is conversation lacking except for the results of the games played, the ruslts of win or lose. And soon the outhtburst of give me the charger, apparently the entertainment was about to end unless one is plugged into the grid. Hurry up its dying. I heard one lady comment, traveling one can't keep in contact with the world. Withdrawl, how terrible. My Father was worried about the TV killing the conversation ability of people, what about all the gismos of today. One truly feels like the one that is strange sitting waiting without a devise ing hand. I did call my wife 5 mins. but that is all that I used it. Will use it when needed. But Lord help me not to feel that I can't do without it. Thinking one needs to invent a hat that has solar panels attached to the top so that one can plug the phone or whatever.nowdays sure to be a best seller. Dad


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