Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh. My. Goodness.

Today was somethin’ else.  Totally.  Actually the whole week has been (hence the fact that only a couple mobile blog posts made it to the blog this week).  I took a few pictures again today, but as the last time, we didn’t get completely finished with today’s project so no “after pictures” yet. 

I’m thinking about posting a whole bunch of “in the middle” pictures.  But not tonight.  I’m exhausted. 

Today we painted both kids rooms.  (KC picked out awesomest colors, once again, my genius of a paint picker-outer hit it dead on)  Munchkin’s room is now a beautiful juniper leaf green (very girly light green) and K-man’s room is a gorgeous mercer blue (kinda dusky medium blue – but not navy).  We picked up a bunk on consignment this week that is now in his room, and picked up a new white bunk for Munchkin today (and then had to run out later to pick up another mattress and a half gallon of ice cream –we worked REALLY hard, we totally deserved it).  Got it home and got the bunkbed half put together and then realized that we didn’t have bunkie boards or a ladder with it (that’s what happens when you get a really good deal sometimes…lol) so only her bottom bed is together and we used the extra slats for the top bed to hold up her mattress for the evening.  We’ll have to find some boards or something to use.  Anyway, so no “after shots” there, although just having the new color is just killer in itself!  In K-man’s room, the loft bed is up, but one of the bottom bed boards was split, so my daddy (boy, I love my fixit daddy!) took it home to build a replacement board, so that bed is still sitting in the garage.  Also, because of the bed sizes, we switched their rooms, so I haven’t got all their toys back in the right places yet.  The bed they were using before is now in bedroom #3 upstairs and we now have PLENTY of beds for company.  *grin* 

Basically nothing is put back together except for a sheet on the beds so they could go to sleep because you know…it was getting pretty late and they were standing in their rooms, mournfully holding their stuffed animals, with circles under their eyes, saying, “Where’s our beds?  Can we lay down yet?”  (bwahaha –okay so the last sentence was just my imagination….that one was more like…”I’m not tired yet!”  To which I replied, “Oh yes you are!”  LOLOLOL)

And come to think of it, now that they are in bed and KC and I took turns taking the freshly cleaned and sanitized jacuzzi for a test run, I think I’m feeling exactly the same way…except I’m not holding a stuffed animal or protesting that I’m not tired. 

Boy howdy, I have officially decided that the jacuzzi has made every last drop of sweat and energy we have poured into this house completely and totally worth it.  I felt like I was on vacation….SOOOO nice.  LOVE it!! 

Oh yeah, and to wrap up what I was saying about today’s project and nothing being completed, THAT’s why there are no “after” pictures yet.  But SOON, hopefully.  KC ordered closet organizers for the sadly lacking closets and as soon as they get here, they will be going in….cannot WAIT.  But it’s coming along.  We’re getting there.  One room at a time.  Okay, scratch that, we’re doing too many rooms at a time, which is probably why we’re having such a hard time completely finishing ONE.  But STILL….we’re GETTING there, okay?  LOL!  We may not live to tell about it, but whatever.  And here’s my mournful, circles under my eyes look, where I hear my bed calling my name.  NIGHT!  =)


  1. So life has now become a constant vacation with the right equipment and house..... :)

  2. wow~! i am so happy you are enjoying the good parts of the new house!

  3. what your mom said. LOL. :o) Glad things are coming together for you.

  4. awesome....i'm gonna have to come check it out again soon to see what i've been missin. ;)


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