Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Everything I know about tying down large loads, I learned from my hubby. Now let's see if any of those lessons sunk and k-man are going to see if we can get this load home. LOL.

*edited to add: guess those lessons really sunk in. This was load #2 on the bunkbed I bought yesterday in one of those nifty little places I found in our new town. *grin* KC helped me with the big pieces on the first load and I went back for this one by myself. And it didn't budge an inch all the way home. And then I unloaded it. ME. JUST me. Teehehe...I am woman, hear me roar. Oh...excuse me. Sorry. LOL.*


  1. YIKES! Good luck!!!

  2. Whats this? Wheres it gonna go?
    I don't think you have anywhere to put it ;0)


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