Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ready, Set, STOP.

Yeah....that's what I'M ready for....the END of this thing!

Time has been really draggin today. I am whupped. Don't know what the deal is, but I am just totally beat this drive. I shouldn't be since I've really behaved and been in bed before 10:30 every night, which is totally early for me....and I'm only getting up about 45 minutes earlier than I normally get up....well, I should say when I'm SUPPOSED to get up normally. HAH.

So why am I soooo tired? I have no idea.

Oh and it's been totally wacky at work this week, too. I told my hubby it was a good thing I don't have a deadly weapon....several somebodies might have been maimed at several different times this week. UGH. I am SO ready to quit. At one point I did use the weapon in my mouth...when I sent someone packin and told him not to come back. LOL. Just kiddin....kinda. HAHA. I didn't really send him packin, but the rest.....*evil grin* And there are a few people that are on STAFF that I wish I could do that to....LOL.

Kay....I'll stop complaining now.

What a week. Is it over yet?

Funny from last night. Exhausted mommy was crashing on the couch working on the church newsletter for a few minutes before doing the kids bath and bed routines and the kids were watching a Gaither video (ya know, all spiritual and all...LOL)....Munchkin and K-man both had their play microphones and were "singing" along and basically "copying" the people on the video. HEHEHEHE. So it was the Gaither Vocal Band and they were singing the song that goes, "God is good, yes, He is, He's good all the time, God is good, you know He is, He's good all the time, you can search the whole world over, no greater friend you'll find, He's not good just once in awhile, He's good all the time." You know, it's real....bouncy and Munchkin and K-man are rockin an boppin along (free hand in the air or clapping against the mic...haha) and Munchkin's singin it like this: "God is good, YES HIM IS..." and she is singing with CONFIDENCE. LOL! I was crackin up!!! So funny.


  1. That's one of those moments that will live in your heart forever. wish you could have caught it on video.

  2. well, only a couple more days. Hang in there. *grin*. I LOVE the "YES HIM IS" *LOL* And I'm sure I would prefer munchkin singing it to the Gaithers. *LOL* Love ya!!

  3. don't let those moments slip aways. When you just about had it with those two.. remember this!!! "yes him is""


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