Friday, April 04, 2008

My Wonderful Hubby...

Happens to be a pathetic blogger. LOL. Love you, honey!

He was going to let this juicy bit of blog fodder just pass on by, and of course, I couldn't let that happen, so I decided to help him out a bit....even though it would have been MUCH better if he'd posted it himself.

He had a very eventful evening.

He came home and picked up the kids from them home and was waiting on Mawmaw to come pick them up for the evening.....when he got a fully loaded stink bomb from the K-man. And since it was quite a bit before Mawmaw got here, he had to go ahead and change it.

Hang on a second....


Kay. I'm back.

So then he says, the munchkin, who is sitting at the table in her booster seat eating her snack, calmly announces that she just peed in her panties.

And, "It okay, Daddy" she says!

Daddy, in that complete tone of utter panic, says, "NO, it's NOT O-KAY!!!!!!!"

Hehehehehe.......he tells me later, "I think her BLADDER EXPLODED!!!! I have never seen so much pee!"

ROFL. Perfect.

Then after the kids left, he was sitting on the couch and heard a crunch outside....some people wrecked right in front of our two cars and a third one that swerved and missed the accident. So him and our neighbor went out to check it out and he said there was lots of blood and they called 911 and had all kinds of excitement. Thankfully no one was seriously injured.

He said it took like 15 minutes for an ambulance, 20 for the Hwy Patrol.....good thing nobody was dying. LOL. Funny thing is, many moons ago, when the neighbor's mother, who was sitting on their back deck, looked down at our house and saw "smoke" coming out of the back and called 911, they had 15 trucks all over our yard in less than 10 minutes. Funnier thing is, that "smoke" was the steam coming out of the dryer......LOL. But it's nice that they were watching out for us anyways!

Anywho, so I had a long day and he had a "lovely" evening. LOL.

I'm whupped (again) and I get to go back at it at 7 in the morning. Oh well. Better than the last few mornings of leaving the house at 6:30. LOL. That is ALL of us leaving the house at 6:30....including getting the kids up and dressed and out of the house. Fun, fun, fun.

Oh but it's peaceful here tonight since the kids are at Mawmaws! WOOHOO!

Love them young-uns, but I shore am tired and appreciative of a little break. LOL. I wish I had energy to do something productive with this break, but oh well. Nuther time, perhaps.

Meantime....zzzzz. *grin*



  1. HAHAHAH.. I love the bomb and the pee burst. Daddies are soooooo funny in situations like that. Don't you wish there was a hidden camera when he changed that one!!! Ha Ha. Glad noone was hurt in front of your house!!But the dry vent.. now that was funny!!!

  2. that is what Casey needed!!! Ha ha ha....just wait til diarrhea happens at a resturant and you have no spare clothes!!!

  3. LOL!!! this one made me LOL LOL LOL!!!


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