Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm Becoming One Of "THEM"

You know....the bloggers I complain about! The ones who don't blog often enough to suit my nosy self. ROFL.

Anywho, I apologize for my absence. I've had a LOT of thoughts in my head lately and it seems they're the kind that are difficult to pin down to a blog post.

For starters, I've only got 9 workdays left on the job. I've pretty much ticked off my supervisor's supervisor by making a statement that kinda poked him for one of his most current shenanigans. I did my best to give this dude a chance. And every chance he got, he threw away. Some days, despite all attempts to remain positive about the situation, I'm convinced that he's deliberately driving away anyone he can't bamboozle (hey, THAT's a fun word....YOU try it. LOL). Anyways, although I'm really sad about leaving the few good people that he HASN'T managed to bamboozle or run off yet, I'm am SO not sad about getting away from the war zone. other news, Munchkin's having a birthday. I'm very undecided on how to deal with this. Well, how to deal, as in there are 2 birthday parties this weekend in which the whole church is invited to, and one the following weekend on the same day and at the only logical time for Munchkin's. And that one, I'm pretty sure that all the people that would be invited to Munchkin's will be at that one....goodness....MUNCHKIN was invited to that one. And don't get me wrong, I have no hard feelings about that at all. I'm just not sure what to do about it. Of course I'd like Munchkin to go, and even if we did our own little party here, I wouldn't want to take away any of the other parties' guests. What to do, what to do. KC suggested that we just have Munchkin's the following weekend since Munchkin is young enough that she really won't "KNOW" what day her birthday is actually on if we don't tell her. LOL. I think maybe that will be the best solution. But I'm not inviting the whole church. I know that WE certainly can't afford to go to *everyones* birthday and give *everyone* a present and I don't want people to feel obligated to bring presents for our kids either. And then there's another dilemma...if you invite one family but not another somebody gets offended. If I invite the whole church, it's overwhelming for us as well as Munchkin. This is so confusing. Last year, I said she's 3, we'll invite 3 kids and a few adults who are very connected to her life. She's four this year, and there's a lot more folks who are connected. And the other thing is her birthday is like less than two weeks away. EEEEEEK.

I AM pretty sure, though, that I've decided to do a princess party (which is actually another dilemma since most of our close connections and potential invitees are BOYS) and I'm going to do a castle cake....and I've seen some really cool ideas, so it could be very interesting. I DO have to solve the invitation dilemma REALLY soon though since it's coming up on us very quickly. YOW.

Okay, now that I've chattered a whole bunch about nothing, I was going to go pull up an old journal entry from ancient times b/c I remembered that I was really having an interesting time with KC about this time of year in 2001, however I didn't write anything on this day in 2001. So I flipped through some of my older and newer journals. Apparently, I have never written (and saved) anything from this day in history. Well...till now. LOL. So guess that idea will wait till another day. However, I sure did see some interesting stuff to use on other days. LOL. Flipping through there in search of this day in history reminded me of some very interesting facts. LOL. Like the fact that I spent countless entries gushing and mooning over this guy that WASN'T KC in the year 'before' KC and now that guy is like part of our family and the thought of feeling "that way" is super weird. I had totally forgot ALL about that. ROFL. Needless to say, if I ever get an interesting "day in history" post from any of my old writings, I'll HAVE to block out names...because they were sure full of lots of DIFFERENT names. I was so silly. LOL!!!! Some of it is just hilarious. One of these days.....


Oh wait....I'm still kinda silly. *silly grin*

And there ya have it....a post for the sake of posting. =)



  1. Sorry about your birthday dilema and that we kinda took your day. *grin* And I so know what you mean about who to invite. I usually do a just girls party for Kelby which has worked really well. But now she decides she wants ALL the kids invited so.......we invited all kids. I think I've offically lost my mind. I'll have to be in recuperation for at least a week. But its her "double digits" as she's so fond of reminding me. And this will probably be her last BIG party. So.....I also know how you feel about dealing with the offense issue. I finally just invited all kids and inlisted help, but that was more b/c of Kelby wanting everyone invited. When I did just girl parties I was worried about someone being offended, but I was finally like "They'll just have to understand" and I never had any problems. I would have done the same this year except for Kelby's revelation of wanting all the kids invited. *grin* So....I doubt this helped you any at all. Sorry, I tried *grin*. Love ya!!

  2.'s's not your fault you beat me to it, and I ain't mad about it....seriously I'm not. LOL. Besides, I'm totally for Kelby getting a big party for her double digits.. *grin* I thought about just girls for Munchkin's but there's only Syd & Tyna that are even close to her age. All the kids that are closest in age to her are boys. I guess that will be a GOOD problem to have when she turns 16, but right now it kinda makes it difficult.. LOL. Anyways, I aint mad and it's nice that you understand my little problem. *GRIN* love ya!

  3. I agree, birthday's are hard. Clay and I have discussed that very thing. Usually everyone invites the whole church. We do not plan to do that. My mom always had family only until maybe school age. Then we could have a few friends over. I think when I turned 10 I had my first slumber party. Clay and I figure on doing the same. Keep it simple, but fun. :o)

  4. Welllll... I think that your little girl is not going to care when it is.. they just like the excitment..and of course presents.. I agree with Jules.. we always just have family with my children until they were old enough to help with the mess..THEN they were allowed to invited same age friends. My girls are doing the same thing. It really does work.

  5. I'm with you on the birthday deal. Invites are always hard. And the gift thing, well Mike and I can't purchase presents for everyone so we usually try to help with food or drinks instead. As a matter of fact, we still haven't purchased Levi's big one year gift yet. I haven't decided what to buy exactly and refuse to spend money for the sake of buying. After all, he has no idea what a birthday is at this point. And let's face it, my boys don't go without...thanks to Nana. *wink*

    As for the other thing........about that guy that WASN'T KC in the year 'before' KC........I just HAVE to I married to him by chance?....LAUGH OUT LOUD!....Seems like every girl in our congregation had a crush on my cute hubby (before he was 'MY cute hubby' of course) at one point or another. Just asking. Uh-hum....

  6. I would like to know who the guy is too!!! I have a few that pop in mind. But Faith and I have several fond memories of the old dating days. But Mariano and I have talked about who liked who before they got married and how that one ended up with that one and so on. I kind of miss those days but still like being married. they ONLY reason I invited everyone was for the sake of Mariano because he didn't want to leave someone out. For all other future birthdays I am putting my foot down, if you get offended, please don't be offended if I mention that you need to grow up. Lets start acting like adults. This has been several discussions on Mariano and I. We can't afford to do every child. I don't have a solution other than don't go to B-day parties. LOL....

  7. I have been one of these bloggers for about 3 months or so... but I promise to pick it up after my trip Israel! School has been crazy busy but it's almost over!!


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