Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cricks and Crazy Dreams

Oh my heavens. So I woke up this morning after two crazy dreams and my neck was KILLIN me. Must have been because I was run over by a huge tank in my dream. No seriously, it killed me in my dream. Weirdest thing I've ever dreamed.

I know everybody has weird dreams and I know they really don't mean anything, so don't nobody read anything into this like I'm nuts or anything. For instance, my MIL has often woke up screaming about "THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!!" or "There's SHARKS outside!!!!" or "I just ran over a fire hydrant!!!" so really....I don't believe weird dreams say anything about a person. Then on the other hand.......(LOL....Just kidding).

Both dreams were like I was stuck in some kind of bad know...stuff that never happens in real life. I don't remember much about the first one, or the beginning of the second one, but I sure remember the ending.

My name was Jessica and the guy that looked like Casey was named Nate and this other guy that was our friend was called Matt. Those are the only ones that I remember their names. Another really weird thing is that in the part of the dream before Jessica got killed, I wasn't her, I was somebody else (maybe me...haha) and the whole group of us were trying to escape from something or someone and we were leaving the building when this truck lost control and came skidding jack-knifed down the street (very much like that truck in Toy Story that almost takes out the toys while they're crossing the street) and that was the end of Jessica, Matt, and three others that I don't know their names.

Flash to the hospital and I'm suddenly Jessica only I don't really feel dead, I just know I was killed, but I'm walking around the hospital and I run into another one of my friends and I'm crying and telling them that I'm dead and I hug them and tell them bye and about our other friends who were killed and then I go find Nate to tell him that I'm dead. So I find Nate and I tell him about myself and our friends who were killed and we cry and I comfort him and next thing I know, he acts like I'm not there and I ask him if he can still see me and he says no but he can still hear me, so he says I love you and I drop some kind of card that says I love you, too, that he picks up b/c now he can't see or hear me. And then I watch him be really sad and I rub his back and cry with him but he doesn't know I'm there anymore.

Oh and by the way, I have no idea who any of the people were b/c I didn't know any of them from real life (despite the fact that I know people with those names in real life, it wasn't them) the only exception being the friend I ran into in the hospital.

I think that tops all the weird dreams I've ever had in my life. I hope that's not a sign. I really don't want to leave this particular life yet. LOL.

So I've just got a crick in my neck from being smashed to smithereens by a massive truck.

K-man's up now and Munchkin's making some un-identifiable noises in her room, so I guess I better go change his diaper and find out what Munchkin's getting into.


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