Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Scattergories - Bloggy style

Saw this meme at The Diaper Diaries and decided it might be fun on this night when I'm stuck at the house with the kids with ear infections.....oh yeah and one of them has an ear infection AND the FLU. ARGH. Besides that, I also thought it would be a good chance to have a positive title for a change. LOL. I was looking back at the post titles for this year and they're pretty depressing. Tired. Sick. Exhausted. Achy Head......course, with one kid with the flu and both with ear infections and it's only January 10th......wellllllllll actually....that IS kinda depressing....LOL. Good gravy, I hope I don't get it. Anywho, on to the game....

Here’s how you play. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following categories. They have to be real places, names, things…nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same first initial. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question. Here goes nothing.

What is your name? Faith
4 letter word: Foot
Vehicle: Frontier
City: Fayetteville, NC
Boy Name: Frank
Girl Name: Fallon (I luvvv this name.....don't know why....)
Occupation: Fireman
Something you wear: Football Helmet (well, not ME exactly, but you know....some people do...)
Celebrity: Franklin Roosevelt (okay, so that was back in the day, but come on....I can't think of any other "F" celebrities. And I really hate to cheat. But now I'm curious, so hang on a sec while I go cheat....oh DUH me....can you tell that my day has been LONG??????? Google rocks. That was the first link that came up when I typed in F Celebrity. LOL.
Food: Fried Chicken (Yeah, I'm southern to the CORE!)
Something found in a bathroom: Face wash
Reason for Being Late: Forgot something important
Cartoon Character: Ferdinand (wasn't he a kitty or something?)
Something You Shout: FIDDLESTICKS! FLU!?!?! FORGET IT!!!!

Want to play along? Copy and paste, people, copy and paste. Oh yeah, and let me know if you do. And if you don't have a blog, that's what I have a comment section for....hehe.

Oh yeah, and on the long day? It started with a LONG night. K-man, poor fella....ran 105 starting around 11:30 last night and I was up with him, sponging him off and trying to get his fever down for several hours, finally got him sleeping on one couch while I laid on the other and dozed and was just up and down with him the rest of the night. His fever never dropped below 102, so I called the doc first thing and took him in at 10. Got out of the doctors office around 11:30 with a positive flu test and antibiotics for ear infection and was running through walmart collecting various sick know...crackers, soup, gatorade, yada yada....when daycare called. Munchkin's running 101.5 and tugging her ear. Call the doctor and get her in at 1:45 but in the meantime, I go get her from daycare and take all the sick stuff home and unload it (so the popsicles won't melt) and then turn around and take TWO sick kids back to the doctors office. Poor K-man....been drug around all day. The good news is, Munchkin don't have the flu, just an ear infection. Bad news is, she'll likely get it before it's all over. So both kids were in bed by 9:30 tonight and it's 9:53 now and I'm heading there myself since I'll likely be on the couch again with one or both of them before the night is over. Dear God, PLEASE don't let me get sick.

And so that I won't end this on a negative note, here's a munchkin-ism from today:

(walking down the hall after seeing our friend "bubba" who works at the doctors office and running to him and giving him a BIG hug)

"Me HOVE bubba. He my BES pend!!!!"

(translated: I love bubba. He's my BEST friend!!!)

Course, her best friend changes more often K-man's diapers, but still, it was a supersweet little moment there.



  1. happy new years faith and to your family. My family has been struck with the stomach flu since Christmas Good Times!

  2. Fun meme!

    I really hope the kids feel better today. What a bummer for them and for you.

    I hope you stay healthy through all the nursing sick babies.

  3. Well, wouldn't you know that the one thing I said probably wouldn't be K-man's problem ended up being his problem! THat is only the 5th case I have heard of in all 3 of our offices since right b4 Christmas. Good thing I"m not a doctor. *lol* Hope everyone feels well soon. TTYL. -j

  4. Faith, I did your Meme. Very interesting. Makes ya think. Least it made me think on some of them. :o) Happy Trails to you until we meet again!


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