Saturday, January 12, 2008

Random K-man Quote

After a long night of wheezing and hacking and keeping mommy and poor sick daddy up till all hours of the night, mommy took K-man to the doctor this morning.

He got a shot of steroids in the office.

After being stuck with the inch long needle right in the leg, mommy picked him up and this is what she heard.

*very sadly and pathetically*

Naturally, he didn't call for "munchkin", he used her real name, but I can't use it here cuz it would be obvious what it is. LOL. It was hilARIOUS!!!


  1. Let me guess, rocephin shots? *ouch*

  2. Too sweet that he loves her that much!

  3. Poor little guy. My Stinkerbell is almost 7 and it takes two adults to hold her and me to distract her while the nurse shoots her. Her screams hit pitches that can only be heard by deaf dogs 3 miles away.

    I hope he feels better soon. I hope you all feel better soon.

  4. No, it was something called Decadron or something like that. He didn't like it and I know it had to hurt, that needle was like an inch long and they stuck it in his thigh all the way....i'm surprised it didn't come out the back. LOL. (well, maybe that's exaggerating a little. HAHA) And yes, Janelle, it is really sweet how he always calls for her. You should hear how he says it, too. He says it SOOOOO southern-ish. HAHA. Like if her name was something like Ann (it's not), he'd say it like this: Aaaa-yyuunnnn!!! LOL.

  5. Awwwww... I remember these days with Keilani. You know, I do this every time... I need to start at the beginning and catch up instead of going backwards! But hey... it's like the Bible. I know the ending! :)


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