Monday, January 14, 2008

Grace Came Back...

And I'm so glad.

'Member how I was so thankful for "Grace" in one of my last posts? Well, I wasn't very thankful when she deserted me at 2 am on Sunday morning when I hadn't been to bed yet, thanks to the K-man screaming and throwing fits and coughing his head off. I know he didn't feel good, but he would not let us help him at ALL. Breathing treatments? Fight. Medicine? Fight. Drink? Fight. Snack? Fight. Sleep? Fight. Cough. Fight. Diaper Change? Fight. Hold him? Fight. Cough. Fight. Put him down? Fight. Scream. Fight. Give him.....anything? Fight. Take it back? Fight more.

After doing that routine from 8pm Saturday night all the way through about 5am Sunday morning with no sleep whatsoever for mommy and daddy, it was clearly evident, Grace had disappeared and no amount of praying was going to bring her back.

If it hadn't been for munchkin being with KC's parents for the weekend, it would have REALLY been a disaster to be without Grace. LOL.

So after another doctors visit on Sunday morning for some cough medicine powered with codeine so that he could sleep (and consequently, mommy and daddy could sleep), we went back home and tried to catch some zzzzs while he watched a movie. Not much good.

Then Mom and Dad showed up. That was SOOO nice. She and dad watched K-man for several hours and tried to coax him to eat and changed his diapers and all that lovely stuff while the mommy and daddy in need of Grace slept. When we got up after a little rest, things looked much better.

And after he slept a good part of last night without coughing (allowing US to sleep most of the night without getting too frustrated), it was obvious Grace was back.

Ahhh. I love Grace. Even if she did abandon me in the midst of sleepless nights.

The best news? K-man's started playing again this afternoon. He's SO going back to school tomorrow. YAY!!!! And KC's parents dropped munchkin off at school this morning, so I'll go pick her up this afternoon and hopefully all will be back to normal again.

In the meantime, welcome back, Grace!!!


  1. Grace, grace, God's grace...

    Ahh..must be nice to have her back. :o) Maybe life will get back to "normal" for a while. By the way...I take it you didn't get my message about the pics. I was hoping to look at them this weekend with Clay, but that didn't happen. Soon. I promise. How many pics should I pick out as our favorites?

  2. Funny! I am so thankful that things are returning to normal for you. Grace really changes things, doesn't she?

    When she gets done at your house, please send her back to mine. Oh how I miss her.

  3. Angie Dawn6:14 PM

    Hey Girl! I have enjoyed your blogs so much! I can relate to this one because we were up Friday night with Brayden throwing up, now he has the bad cough! SIGH! Anyway though they do eventually sleep through the night at least mine do if that makes you feel any better!:)
    Later, Angie

  4. Oh sweet sweet sweet GRACE! :) Okay... I got some catching up to do here! I've been away for a while. Sounds like Grace was certainly your friend in this post. :)

  5. LOL. THanks for the comments ya'll. Angie, I had no clue you were reading, welcome. Thanks for taking the time to keep up with the craziness and also thanks for the encouragement....I am SO ready for them to sleep all through the night. HAHA. And Rochelle, missed you girl. Yes, Grace is my friend. =) I much prefer her to her evil stepsisters, Anger and Fury (thank you Janelle for that bit of humor) anyways, thanks to everyone for the encouragement. =)


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