Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Can't Be Left Out.....

So since I'm seeing a lot of bloggers blogging about their New Year's Resolutions (or goals....or whatever you call them), I figgered I'd just post mine, too. After all, if for no other reason, I could use a laugh next year when I go back and read them. HA! *grin* Cuz we all know, my ongoing dr pepper addiction is proof that I absolutely cannot stick to my resolutions. LOL!

Anyhow, so here they absolutely no particular order.....

This year, I resolve to:
- Be more positive. (HEH! oops, that could possibly be construed as negative. I can see I'm going to have lots of work to do in this area. LOL!)
- Be more patient with the kids.
- Quit work. (the one that pays....and start staying home and doing the one that is much harder and doesn't pay. Well, doesn't pay MONEY, anyways)
- Keep my house cleaner.
- Enjoy life. (even while stubbing my toes on the trucks that K-man leaves in the middle of the floor and stepping in the sticky mess that munchkin dropped on the floor, yes, even then, when I'm not quite keeping the last resolution)
- Quit smoking. (hey, I can check that one off now......or do you have to actually BE a smoker in order to quit???? BWAHAHAHA)
- I suppose I could put in here that I would drink water instead of dr pepper, but that's one resolution I don't really feel like making this year. How bout if I just cut back a little to two drinks of the addictive stuff a day instead of 4. (*wincing* oh that looks so harsh when I put it in writing)
- Catch up on some of the scrapbooking. (I can dream, can't I? And this is my effort at being optimistic....hehehe)
- Blog more of the important stuff. (like less about pms and shaving legs and more's more important things than that? hahaha. kidding. you know, more important, like crafts. I'd say more important like deep thoughts and intellectual theories but with a brain like mine, that really IS wishful thinking. HAHA. Ya'll please note though, that from time to time when I sound like I'm being negative, it really is just me kidding around....kay? good. glad we got that settled. Now where was I?)
- Shave my legs more often. (BWAHAHAHA....I'm not getting very far on the previous resolution, am I? ROFL!!!)
- Go someplace I've never been before. (Preferably NOT the inside of the mental institution)
- Love God more and myself less. (And that one is said without any kidding at all)
- Get more sleep. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Who am I kidding?!?! Well, that wasn't very positive. Actually, maybe I'm not kidding....I think I'm going to get off here now and go do that. *grin* .....maybe. hehehe)

If I think of any more good goals, maybe I'll come back and post them later. Till then.....
off to zzzz-land.


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  1. Good goals for the year. Blessings on you and your family!


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