Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well, what a waste of a perfectly good day.

I just got out of court at 3:30. UnREAL.

Sum it all up...BioM actually was put on the stand. Got caught lying through her teeth during cross examination about drug screens, made it sound like she's making incredible progress on her case plan in the last week and judge gave her another 60 days to maintain stable housing, get a job, and complete at least 4 consecutive negative drug screens.

Good grief.

Judge ran down this LONG list of plausible reasons (including, but not limited to, serious psychiactric health issues and questionable use of extremely strong prescription drugs--prescribed by a doctor in the county that is KNOWN to be one that will freely write prescriptions that aren' much so, that it's almost a JOKE among county, actually, it IS a joke!) that BioM should never have custody of any kids (PERIOD) and then turned around and said here, you're making fine progress, have another sixty days.

I had to sit through six hours of absolute torture for THAT?

I felt like crying.

Now I have a headache and I did not get anything done today. I'm so bummed out.

I'm going away now to figure out what the surprise giveaway might be. I think it may be a cool papercrafting book (although we're going to leave the details to be a surprise) and I think I'm also going to include a few other goodies that I've got around here.....I think it will be cool.

I can tell you one thing....I know one judge who won't get my vote this fall. One day of listening to her decisions and I'm ready to campaign for any one of her opponents.

I'm off to sulk and try to get something done that will make at least part of this day worthwhile now.....


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

*deeeep breath*

For some reason, I am having difficulty obtaining enough oxygen to completely satisfy my lungs today. I'm not sure why. Maybe b/c I didn't get much sleep last night. My body is mad at me.

No use complaining to my hubby, though. He tells me that it's self inflicted pain (which is not what I want to hear at six thirty in the morning when I'm moaning b/c I have to get up and I don't want to) Haha. I say it's not totally self inflicted, since half my problem is the K-man. Go figure, I was bragging on him yesterday and how good he's been doing sleeping since I stopped the breathing treatments.

Yeah, well, not like I'm superstitious or anything, but I forgot to find some wood to knock on after I said that.

Kinda funny though, b/c last night was KC's turn. I did get up and deal with him twice...I'm not sure why I did, I was pretty out of it, but then sometime this morning I heard KC get up with him, so I was really happy that he's getting a chance to do his share. seemed for awhile there that everytime it was "his" night to get up with him, K-man would sleep all night and the next night when it was "my" night, he'd wake up fussy at least 4 or 5 times. It felt extremely lopsided. I feel better now. LOL. Isn't that terrible of me? Poor KC. He's got such a meanie for a wife. *GRIN*

The self inflicted part? Well, I did have him (K-man, not KC...LOL) out past his bedtime last night. We had a girls and kids night over at KR's and us girls got to playing around on the bloggy stuff and lost track of time. Yeah, and then when I got home, I opened my computer up and checked my mail and all that, so it ended up being about 12:30am when I went to bed. That probably wasn't smart on a work night. LOL. Oh well. We're planning to do it again next Monday night, so I guess that means I'm a slow learner. HAH!

No, really what it means is that I'd rather get some chick time in than sleep. Either one puts me in a better mood, so what's the big deal anyways? LOL.

So I had to send K-man to a sitter yesterday b/c he was running a fever Sunday evening and I can't miss anymore work, and when I picked him up last night, he was like, ten times happier and in a better mood, than he ever is when I pick him up from daycare. I really wish I didn't have to send him to the daycare. I felt so much better about him being with that family all day and I wish I could take him there every day (besides the fact that it's not such a big deal if he's running a low fever or something). *sigh* But DSS won't pay childcare to a private person, just daycares, which really stinks. *bigger SIGH*

Well, that's about it for now, I guess. I've got some pictures to post, just didn't get to it the last time when I was uploading....maybe tonight when I get home. *grin*


Monday, January 28, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway Fun (whoohoo!!!)

Photobucket (US ONLY -- sorry)
Okay, so I can't figure out how to get the little graphic over there to be beside my words instead of at the top of the post, but whatever. Anyways, Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer is hosting another bloggy giveaway carnival (on her bloggy giveaways blog)and I decided to join in this time instead of just entering all of them. LOL. Of course, I'm going to do that, too.

Anywho, after racking my brain to come up with something to give away, I'm still drawing a blank, but I know I'm going to come up with something. So we'll call it a surprise. ;-) When I come up with a more concrete answer, maybe I'll make it a second giveaway. =)

And just for fun, how bout telling me one of the best surprises you've had. =) Don't worry, it won't have any bearing on winning or not, it's just to make it interesting. LOL!

The Boring Details:

  • Winner will be picked by random drawing using some kind of online random number generator on Saturday, February 2nd, 2008.
  • Contest open to US only (sorry, I can't afford shipping outside the US....particularly since I'm not sure what exactly I'll be shipping).
  • You don't have to have a blog to win, but if you don't have a blog, please make sure you leave me an email so I can contact you for your address if you win.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to go start entering myself in all the contests now.

Later. =)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Photo Survey/Meme

I've seen this (or something like it) before, but was in the mood to do it tonight. (While my million and one pictures are copying off my memory card.)

So here goes:
1) Answer the questions below
2) Take each answer and type it into Photobucket
3) Take a picture from the first page of results copy the html code.
4) You cant copy the persons answers who posted this before you!

1. Name:

2. Favorite TV Show:

3. Favorite Place:
Myrtle Beach dock

4. Car:
honda accord

5. Favorite Sport:

6. Hair Color:

7. Favorite Color:
olive green

8. Favorite Drink:
Pepper the bear

9. Your Job:
computer girl

10. Name of Your Love:

11. Your Nickname/Screenname:
ALwAys faith.

12. Middle Name:

13. Hobby:

14. Worst Habit:

15. Worst Fears:

16. Grandmother's Name:
ella mae

17. Favorite Book:
Book Lover

18. Favorite Cartoon Character:

Playin' Catchup

Been a few days since I made a "real" post, so I guess I should get on here and say something.


There. Now I can go, right? Haha. Just kidding.

Well, once again, tha K-man has a fever on Sunday. I'm not sure what it is about Sundays, but I'm real seriously getting tired of going to the doctor at least once every week. So this is the completion of my weekend. We went to church this morning but he started getting warm around 11 and by the time we left church, he felt like he was running about 101. Got home and took his temp after his nap and he was at 102, and after a dose of Motrin, he's still warm, so KC and the Munchkin went on to church and me and the K-man are sitting here at home....for the second Sunday evening in a row. *siiiiighhhh*

He just can't seem to shake off being sick. Every time I turn around it's something else. Friday afternoon the doctor said he had pinkeye. Saturday, while he was with Mawmaw and Pawpaw, he had horrible runny poo and it made his rear so chapped up that it actually started bleeding. Today the rash is better and the runny poo is gone, but now we've got the fever.

Other than that, it's been a pretty fair weekend. LOL.

Yesterday, mom picked me up and we went to the scrapbook day at my cousin's and played with all the new toys that my cousin has....LOL. That was fun. KC's parents watched the kids for us, so we had some time to ourselves before we went and got them last night. It was perfectly lovely.

I think my goal for tonight should be to get all my photos uploaded off my camera. I looked at the pictures on my little camera yesterday and didn't even remember taking some of them, it's been so long since I took them. LOL. Not to mention that SOMETHING has to be done about how behind I am in scrapping. YOW. I'm really moving into the digital scrapping more than paper these days, simply for the fact that it's ten thousand times easier to grab my computer and the pictures in there and go for it than to drag out all my paper supplies and find printed pictures to scrap.....OR the space to spread out and do it. It's pathetic really. I do miss the hands on part of it, but with such little space and time, it seems to be the most reasonable solution. I haven't bought paper or supplies to scrap on paper in MONTHS.

However, I haven't uploaded pictures and scrapped them like that in months either. OR put anything on the blog. Sad, I know. *sigh*

Well, there's lots of junk rolling around my brain, but I just can't seem to focus enough to make any sense of it in writing. So I'm going to go now and see what I can get done on these pictures. I might come back later and post some pictures if I feel like it. LOL.

Catch ya later!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Government Health Warning

Do NOT swallow chewing gum!











(courtesy of an email forward from my wonderful friend, Susan...thought I'd share the laugh!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Do I Say?

I really have nothing, but I don't want to neglect the blog. Two nights in a row of being up for 3-4 hours straight in the middle of the night with a fussing K-man who would not be comforted have rendered me somewhat brain-dead.

I've been late to work the last two mornings thanks to not getting back to sleep until 4-5am.

Last night? I had a splitting headache that was making me nauseous, so I left a few minutes early and went home. Since I had about twenty minutes to spare, I went home and set the timer so I could go get the kids from daycare and then curled up in a fetal position under a blanket on the couch.

Apparently I missed the loud obnoxious ring of the timer. I woke up to the phone ringing. It was the daycare. Ten minutes past closing, they were trying to find out if I'd abandoned my kids or not. I hadn't. My head was still splitting, and I'm not sure it was worth the $10 late fee that I'm sure they're going to sock to me (although they haven't yet). It's the first time I've EVER been late to pick them up, so you'd think they'd give you at least ONCE. But she said when I left that we'd settle up on the late fee later. SHEESH.

And top it all off, I went to Sonic for lunch today and as I pulled up to the window and handed the chick my money to pay, she looked at me and said, "wow, you look REALLY TIRED!!!!!"

Sheeesh. Thanks. You know it's BAD when complete strangers comment on your look of extreme exhaustion. ROFL.

So....anyways. I'm going away now. The good news is my headache FINALLY went away just before lunch after I took two aleve when I got to work this morning. It only lasted for a day and a half. *rolling eyes*

I will survive....hey hey.....

Monday, January 21, 2008


So I jinxed the snow day by buying/borrowing snow gear for the kids. Didn't do a THING on Saturday OR Sunday.

I was bummed.

In other news, there's not much news.


I just missed blogging and wanted to post SOMETHING.

Oh yeah, KC told me a munchkin funny that happened at church last night (while I was home with the K-man who was sick AGAIN).....

He said that munchkin was doing REALLY good, just sitting there on the pew with her legs spread apart and playing with her toys on the pew between her legs when all of a sudden.....


He said it was a really quiet moment, and it was long and drawn out........and then, to finish the quiet moment.....

"*giggles* I TOOTED!!!! *giggles*" (in a normal tone of voice)

He said, along with being completely MORTIFIED, he pretty much lost it. Along with the entire back half of the church. LOL.

"Daddy, why you laughing?????"

He had to take munchkin and go out so he could get control of HIS giggles. ROFL!!!!

Sorry I missed it, but I hope you enjoy the laugh as much as I did.

Ya'll have a happy Monday, now....ya hear?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Locked Out & Getting Older (but not necessarily wiser)

Well, at the rate we're going, my husband is going to be such a skilled lockpick, he may be able to give thieves a few lessons.


I got to go to work today....I'm not sure how it happened since the county schools were closed, and the daycare supposedly follows the school schedule, but I called just in case and sure enough, they said they were just on a two hour delay. So I was able to go in to work even though I was a little late.

Then about 2 this afternoon, my husband emails me. I got it about 2:30 and emailed him back but got no answer so I just took off and headed home.

The story is, he left his phone at home this morning. I was supposed to be home all day cuz schools were closed, so he didn't bother trying to find his house keys to take with him this morning. When I left, his house keys weren't in the key basket, so I didn't even think about him not having keys to get in if he came home before I did.

His keys? Were in the car I was driving underneath a pile of junk. (Yes, junk....I have two kids. But for the record, it would have been the same story without the two kids....I'm kinda lazy about cleaning my car, much to my husband's chagrin.)

Spare key? Inside the garage.

Garage door opener? On my car only.....which I was driving.

His phone? In the house.

How did he contact me? Well, he opened his computer and used the wireless internet connection from the front porch to email me. LOL.

So by the time I get halfway down the road, he calls me. He broke in. It only took him 40 minutes.

There's definitely something to be said for short commutes. Thank heavens we don't live in a ice cold region. This wasn't one of the warmest days, but I guess it could have been worse. LOL. It's just a good thing my husband is resourceful b/c I wasn't much help. Haha.

OH well.

The good stuff is that I now have snowsuits in kid sizes. Well, kinda. Enough to get by for now anyways, so if it snows again tomorrow like they're calling for, me and the kids? We're taking it outside!!!!

I found a size 3 at the thrift store today that is in neutral colors, so one of them can wear it. Munchkin tried it on when I got home and I think it will fit her perfect for now, and when I find one in a bigger size, I'll just pass that one down for the K-man. And then my mom dug out of storage the 24 month snowsuit that my brother and I wore when we were babies and loaned it to me for the K-man. I think it will work for what's left of this season, but barely. I haven't tried it on him yet, but when I held it up to him, it looked a little iffy.....but we'll make it work. I think it's kinda cool that he will get to wear a snowsuit that I wore when I was a kid. LOL.


I've had the head buzz again today. Stuff is getting old. Kinda like me. In about 2.5 months, I'm going to be a quarter of a century. Sheesh.

At the rate my body is falling apart, you'd think think I was twice that. I am going to really hate getting old. I was talking to Kat on the phone the other day and we were talking about how we're starting to see wrinkles when we look in the mirror. I think she's about a year older than we're both too young to have wrinkles. Mine are right between my eyebrows....and I know it's cause I'm always crinkling up my eyebrows when I'm working on a computer. Ugh. And we won't even talk about hair that grows where it's not supposed to.

Did I mention what my husband said the other day? He said that I need to make sure when I get old, to wax or something to my upper lip, cuz he doesn't want to kiss someone whose mustache is thicker or darker than his. And he wanted to tell me that now, so that I won't hit him for saying that when it's really an issue. LOL. I hit him anyways. HAHA. I can't help it, upper lip hair is hereditary in my family. And it's already started. That's how I know I'm getting old. EEEEEEEEK.

Well. I love my husband. Hey, he married me even knowing that upper lip hair could be an issue. That's LOVE. *GRIN* And no worries, honey, I'm investing in stock in facial hair bleach. Do you think I should also invest in a wrinkle remover stock?? No, wait. Don't answer that. ;-)

I'm going away now.
Catch ya'll later!

=) =) =)

(PS You know I'm laughing, right? It's all good. It's Friday. Now if I were saying all this on Monday, it might not be so humorous, but on Friday? Yeah, we're cool. Ya'll have a great weekend! =)

(PSS I'll get pictures on here again someday. I'm having camera issues right now. I have a new camera but don't have the adapter that I know how to use or all that stuff, plus I've got pictures on like three different cameras now, so I'm all confused. Oh wait, forgot the camcorder...make that four different cameras. Like I said. I'm confused. I'll get over it. When I'm dead. =) =)

(PSSS I forgot this: Random Munchkin Quote: **very seriously** "You keem for me if you need me, oKAY?" --said while poking her head in the door of the bathroom while I was....ahem....taking care of business. I was all confused, so I asked her, "do you mean 'holler if you need me?'" to which she replied, "yeah, (emphatically) KEEM (scream) for me if you NEED me, oKAYYYYY????" Guess she must hear me say that a lot. ROFL)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vacation Over.

Wouldn't ya know it. A snow day.

They cancelled school (including preschool, which means the kidlets are bouncing all over the house today).

They closed the college where I work (not that I was going in today anyways since I was supposed to go to court for munchkin today).

They cancelled court.

So I'm sitting here at home....once again, not getting anything done. Everyone seems to be in an ornery mood today, myself included. And it's COLD.

I'd send them outside to make a mess and get into everything if it wasn't so stinkin cold out there and the fact that they don't have any kind of snow boots, no snowsuits, not even heavy enough jackets or gloves.


Oh well.

*HEAVY sigh*

I miss mean work. LOL. Pathetic.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm On Vacation.

Only.....I'm at work. This used to be what I needed a vacation FROM. Now it's where I go when I NEED a vacation. ROFL.

Kids are back at preschool, two nights in a row of un-interrupted sleep (and actually, last night we slept in our BED for the first time since everyone's been good thing about sleeping in the recliners though...I don't oversleep....the bed was TOO comfy this morning), still dumping all kinds of medications down the kids....takes an extra 45 minutes to leave the house in the mornings thanks to all the different meds to be dispersed accordingly, mommy is still avoiding the sickness (Thank God) and daddy is feeling much better as well........................

Yes. Life is much better. Now. I'm off to find some wood to knock on.



PS Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and the comments. I'm trying to respond in the comment sections when I can, but for any I missed, thank you! =)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Grace Came Back...

And I'm so glad.

'Member how I was so thankful for "Grace" in one of my last posts? Well, I wasn't very thankful when she deserted me at 2 am on Sunday morning when I hadn't been to bed yet, thanks to the K-man screaming and throwing fits and coughing his head off. I know he didn't feel good, but he would not let us help him at ALL. Breathing treatments? Fight. Medicine? Fight. Drink? Fight. Snack? Fight. Sleep? Fight. Cough. Fight. Diaper Change? Fight. Hold him? Fight. Cough. Fight. Put him down? Fight. Scream. Fight. Give him.....anything? Fight. Take it back? Fight more.

After doing that routine from 8pm Saturday night all the way through about 5am Sunday morning with no sleep whatsoever for mommy and daddy, it was clearly evident, Grace had disappeared and no amount of praying was going to bring her back.

If it hadn't been for munchkin being with KC's parents for the weekend, it would have REALLY been a disaster to be without Grace. LOL.

So after another doctors visit on Sunday morning for some cough medicine powered with codeine so that he could sleep (and consequently, mommy and daddy could sleep), we went back home and tried to catch some zzzzs while he watched a movie. Not much good.

Then Mom and Dad showed up. That was SOOO nice. She and dad watched K-man for several hours and tried to coax him to eat and changed his diapers and all that lovely stuff while the mommy and daddy in need of Grace slept. When we got up after a little rest, things looked much better.

And after he slept a good part of last night without coughing (allowing US to sleep most of the night without getting too frustrated), it was obvious Grace was back.

Ahhh. I love Grace. Even if she did abandon me in the midst of sleepless nights.

The best news? K-man's started playing again this afternoon. He's SO going back to school tomorrow. YAY!!!! And KC's parents dropped munchkin off at school this morning, so I'll go pick her up this afternoon and hopefully all will be back to normal again.

In the meantime, welcome back, Grace!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Random K-man Quote

After a long night of wheezing and hacking and keeping mommy and poor sick daddy up till all hours of the night, mommy took K-man to the doctor this morning.

He got a shot of steroids in the office.

After being stuck with the inch long needle right in the leg, mommy picked him up and this is what she heard.

*very sadly and pathetically*

Naturally, he didn't call for "munchkin", he used her real name, but I can't use it here cuz it would be obvious what it is. LOL. It was hilARIOUS!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Still here....

Still makin' it.

What a week, though. And it is imPOSsible to get anything done at home when you're here with sick young'uns. They (K-man especially) just wants to be attached to my hip permanently and for the munchkin, she turns into superbrat when she doesn't feel good. Thank God, he's given me abundant grace. I can handle a child not feeling good, and even being all whiney and everything yet just laying around and wanting to be babied or petted, but a child who doesn't feel good and shows it by being extremely bratty and doing her best to push every last anger button I've got (you know, the ones that get pushed when they scream in the highest decibel possible because you said it was time to pick up the stuff they dragged all out, or the buttons that get pushed when they narrow their eyes at you and call you meanie mommy and start tearing apart their room for just as small a reason), just drives me up a wall. Ugh.

Thank God for extra patience. I've certainly needed it this week.

So far I'm still above the sick bed, but no guarantees on staying that way. Still downing lots of water and vitamins and spraying lysol through the house, non-stop.

Oh yeah, and today I opened all the windows and turned the fans on. That was actually this evening. And it was comfortable and felt like spring weather. What is wrong with this picture? You should not be able, in the middle of January, to open your windows at 4pm and feel a nice spring breeze flowing through the house. That is just discusting. And yes, I'm sure if anyone reads this blog from the northernmost regions of the continent where it's probably like 14 below with lots of frozen precipitation, they're probably rolling their eyes and turning green with envy right about now. LOL. Anyways. I am just ready for this sick junk to go AWAY!!!!

K-man was running a fever part of the day and Munchkin ran one last night again. It just comes and goes. I'll be veryyyy happy when it goes and doesn't come back. LOL.

Okay...well, K-man is sitting beside me sleeping slumped over against me, making it very hard to type, so i'm going to go put him to bed now.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another one bites the dust~~~

KC's on the couch. Reading.

Nuff said with that....since he doesn't just sit down and READ unless he's SICK, but in case you wanted further information....sore throat and terrible headache. Hopefully it's not the flu, but the realist (okay pessimist) in me is going...YEAH RIGHT....HERE WE GO!

So. That leaves: ME.

Who is still consuming large amounts of echinacea, vitamin c, and water, and as much sleep as possible.....and praying it is enough to ward it off.

I'm not sure, BUT......

I DON'T think JUST an ear infection will include a 2:30am fever and puking session. I'm thinking maybe if munchkin were to retake that flu test, it might NOT be negative this time. Thank heavens that the K-man slept better last night. Although at one point last night (or actually early this morning), our living room contained our whole family....asleep on various couches. FUN.

You'd think being home for 7-10 days, I could get stuff done, but I'm exhausted just keeping up with the poor sick young-uns. And dumping bales of echinacea and vitamin c down myself to try to keep from getting it. Oh yeah, and catching snoozes every chance I get cuz I know I'll need it....maybe not right this minute, but I'll sure appreciate it later.

So that's the update. Will come back some other time when I feel like it. Who knows when that will be. But anyways, thanks everyone for the well wishes....sure do appreciate it.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Scattergories - Bloggy style

Saw this meme at The Diaper Diaries and decided it might be fun on this night when I'm stuck at the house with the kids with ear infections.....oh yeah and one of them has an ear infection AND the FLU. ARGH. Besides that, I also thought it would be a good chance to have a positive title for a change. LOL. I was looking back at the post titles for this year and they're pretty depressing. Tired. Sick. Exhausted. Achy Head......course, with one kid with the flu and both with ear infections and it's only January 10th......wellllllllll actually....that IS kinda depressing....LOL. Good gravy, I hope I don't get it. Anywho, on to the game....

Here’s how you play. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following categories. They have to be real places, names, things…nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same first initial. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question. Here goes nothing.

What is your name? Faith
4 letter word: Foot
Vehicle: Frontier
City: Fayetteville, NC
Boy Name: Frank
Girl Name: Fallon (I luvvv this name.....don't know why....)
Occupation: Fireman
Something you wear: Football Helmet (well, not ME exactly, but you know....some people do...)
Celebrity: Franklin Roosevelt (okay, so that was back in the day, but come on....I can't think of any other "F" celebrities. And I really hate to cheat. But now I'm curious, so hang on a sec while I go cheat....oh DUH me....can you tell that my day has been LONG??????? Google rocks. That was the first link that came up when I typed in F Celebrity. LOL.
Food: Fried Chicken (Yeah, I'm southern to the CORE!)
Something found in a bathroom: Face wash
Reason for Being Late: Forgot something important
Cartoon Character: Ferdinand (wasn't he a kitty or something?)
Something You Shout: FIDDLESTICKS! FLU!?!?! FORGET IT!!!!

Want to play along? Copy and paste, people, copy and paste. Oh yeah, and let me know if you do. And if you don't have a blog, that's what I have a comment section for....hehe.

Oh yeah, and on the long day? It started with a LONG night. K-man, poor fella....ran 105 starting around 11:30 last night and I was up with him, sponging him off and trying to get his fever down for several hours, finally got him sleeping on one couch while I laid on the other and dozed and was just up and down with him the rest of the night. His fever never dropped below 102, so I called the doc first thing and took him in at 10. Got out of the doctors office around 11:30 with a positive flu test and antibiotics for ear infection and was running through walmart collecting various sick know...crackers, soup, gatorade, yada yada....when daycare called. Munchkin's running 101.5 and tugging her ear. Call the doctor and get her in at 1:45 but in the meantime, I go get her from daycare and take all the sick stuff home and unload it (so the popsicles won't melt) and then turn around and take TWO sick kids back to the doctors office. Poor K-man....been drug around all day. The good news is, Munchkin don't have the flu, just an ear infection. Bad news is, she'll likely get it before it's all over. So both kids were in bed by 9:30 tonight and it's 9:53 now and I'm heading there myself since I'll likely be on the couch again with one or both of them before the night is over. Dear God, PLEASE don't let me get sick.

And so that I won't end this on a negative note, here's a munchkin-ism from today:

(walking down the hall after seeing our friend "bubba" who works at the doctors office and running to him and giving him a BIG hug)

"Me HOVE bubba. He my BES pend!!!!"

(translated: I love bubba. He's my BEST friend!!!)

Course, her best friend changes more often K-man's diapers, but still, it was a supersweet little moment there.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh my aching head.

I'm......well you know the rest of this sentence, so I'm not even going to bother saying it. LOL.

Took off yesterday to take me to the doc and to take K-man to his followup on breathing treatments.

Got up this morning and K-man felt unusually warm when I got him up. Checked his temp and sure nuff. 102 something. Can't take him to daycare with a temp over 100. So I took him with me to work while dumping Childrens motrin down him. He did good until around lunch time and while we were at lunch, he fell asleep. I got back to the office and laid him on a blanket in the floor and kept working and then a little later when he woke up he was really hot and you could TELL he didn't feel good then. Temp of 103. So I decided to just go ahead and bring him home around 2:30. Came home and laid him on one couch and he snoozed all afternoon, so I laid on the other couch and snoozed all afternoon. Figured I might need it tonight. He's burned up all afternoon though, even though I've been giving him motrin and tylenol regularly. 104 earlier and used cold cloths and a lukewarm bath to cool him down. He weren't too happy bout that bath. LOL. Bless it, he's so pitiful. We did get the fever down, but when he went to bed, it was still around 100-101, so he's still a little warm. I called the doctors office and they said if the fever continues tomorrow over 101, to call and bring him in.

Regardless of whether he runs a fever tomorrow or not, I can't take him to daycare cuz he has to be fever free for like 12 or 24 hours (can't remember which) but neither one will work, so I'm stuck with a kid tomorrow.

And my head hurts and I've kinda had a funny tummy feeling most of the day. Doctors visit yesterday sent me to the hospital. No worries though (did I freak you out?) it was just b/c the x-ray tech in the dr office is out on extended leave so they're having to send all their patients over to the hospital for any x-ray stuff. So they xrayed my neck to make sure that there isn't any kind of issues in there that are causing the brain zaps since I've had serious pain between my shoulders that has gradually gotten worse over the last two months and he doesn't know if it's connected to the meds I'm on or if it's something in my neck. WHO KNOWS. I'm really tired of not feeling good though. I haven't heard the results from that yet, hopefully it won't be much longer.

It's just a sick place around here these days though. Munchkin has a rattly cough that I gave her some of her cough medicine for tonight. She's been complaining of not feeling good, but since she's not running a fever and she only complains when she sees K-man getting the babying and being coo-ed over for being so sick, I've been shrugging it off.

I have decided though that I believe I could have discovered a niche for making money in the area. I can be a sick kid mommy for kids who can't go to their usual daycare but their parents still have to go to work. They can bring their kids over and I'll run a little hospital daycare. All I'll have to do is take my info around to all the daycares and they can stick it right in there next to the slip that says they won't take sick kids for 12 or 24 hours after fever.

The question is, do I have the nerves to deal with whiney-not feeling good-not mine-kids on a erratic and unpredictable basis. Uh. Maybe I could be the manager and hire mommies to run it. HAHA.

Anywho, nuff rambling thoughts for tonight. I'm going to bed in hopes that it makes my head feel better. *sigh*


Saturday, January 05, 2008


Becky sent me this link which I thought was pretty funny and decided to share.

In other head is driving me NUTS. It's like I'm just plugged into some freaky electrical current and it just keeps zapping my brain. I can't think straight tonight and I can barely move....anything I do makes me just cringe cuz my head thinks the world is spinning around me. Oh wait, it kinda IS. Haha....but you know what I mean. It's really quite aggravating.

OH well. Life is good.....anyways.

By the way, my really sweet hubby made some new years resolutions. I haven't read them yet, but he said he was going to post them on his blog. However, I think one of them must have been to help me out more b/c the other night when I was doing the kids baths and all that stuff and trying to get everything done, he put away some clean laundry, tidied up the house a bit, and asked me if there was anything else I needed him to do before he sat down to his computer. That was really, really nice. Not that he's not always nice, but it was just EXTRA nice. =)

Anywho. I'm going away now. I'm exhausted. Oh, before I forget, we went to the city up the hill with some of our friends for KC's birthday last night. We left the kids with mawmaw and pawpaw and then picked them back up really late on our way was pretty heavenly to go out with our friends and no kids for an evening. Don't get me wrong, love them dearly, but the break was W.O.N.D.E.R.FUL!

So yeah, today was back to normal. Kids are tired, so they've wore us out today, too, plus no naps b/c we were out at birthday parties this afternoon during naptime. LOVELY. LOL. =)


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to my honey!!!

This is what I've been working on tonight as a special gift for my honey, who has been asking me to redesign his blog header since he saw my new little piece of work.

Hehehe....I really hope he likes it. And honey, if you found out by seeing it here first, then just let me say, happy, happy birthday. I hope this year is your best yet, and I hope I get to read about it through your blog. Heaven knows we hardly get to talk these days seeing how busy we are with the kids. LOL. So....anyways. blog. Okay? I love you so much.

For anyone curious, since his blog is private and you can't go see the credits, the elements are from Miss Mint at Peppermint (the After Midnight Coordinating Page Kit) and the design is of me.

Also, for those who have asked, I get a lot of digital goodness through freebies offered here and there on the internet. A few of my favs for freebies are Miss Mint (of course), 2 Peas, Shabby Princess and a few others that I'm sure I'm forgetting, due to lack of sleep. I'm going to have to come back and link up to those places later b/c it's getting really late. *Edited to add, here's a nice page of links to digi freebies that looks like it has quite a few that I haven't even found yet....woohoo! Enjoy!*

CV, I think you asked about this one, but the credits for MY current header are down at the bottom of the sidebar over there. I think it's the very last item down there. It is not from a freebie kit, but it WAS free for me b/c I won it from Nikki. I luv luv luv winning cool stuff!!!

And one last answer really quick for order to make a private blog (either create a new one and do this, or make your current one private), you'll need to go into the blog from your dashboard to the settings tab. I believe it's close to the last tab in the settings tab and it's called permissions. You'll just want to make it by invitation only and then of course, you'll need to send out invitations to the emails of folks who you want to read it. Like me. *smiles*

Gotta run for now.

The "Having More Patience" Thing?....

Well, I'm not doing so good on that resolution so far.

As evidenced by my exasperation at having to get up with K-man at 2:15 and pat him back to sleep.

Well, actually that first time wasn't THAT exasperating. It was when I had to get up again at 2:45. And then again at 3:35. And then when I went back to my bed at 3:40, he was still crying. So I laid there and tried to ignore it until 4:10 when KC got exasperated and got up. So I got up. Patting didn't work. Holding didn't work. Changing his diaper didn't work. I finally got him to wake up and THAT worked. Course, by the time he got calmed down and I got him back to sleep, it was 5.

Was I patient? Not very.

I've decided to change that resolution.

I think I'm going to resolve to....uh.....take more pictures instead. That sounds much more do-able.


I'm so sleepy.
Now I have to work....and I don't know how I'm going to keep my eyes open long enough to do it. *sigh*


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Can't Be Left Out.....

So since I'm seeing a lot of bloggers blogging about their New Year's Resolutions (or goals....or whatever you call them), I figgered I'd just post mine, too. After all, if for no other reason, I could use a laugh next year when I go back and read them. HA! *grin* Cuz we all know, my ongoing dr pepper addiction is proof that I absolutely cannot stick to my resolutions. LOL!

Anyhow, so here they absolutely no particular order.....

This year, I resolve to:
- Be more positive. (HEH! oops, that could possibly be construed as negative. I can see I'm going to have lots of work to do in this area. LOL!)
- Be more patient with the kids.
- Quit work. (the one that pays....and start staying home and doing the one that is much harder and doesn't pay. Well, doesn't pay MONEY, anyways)
- Keep my house cleaner.
- Enjoy life. (even while stubbing my toes on the trucks that K-man leaves in the middle of the floor and stepping in the sticky mess that munchkin dropped on the floor, yes, even then, when I'm not quite keeping the last resolution)
- Quit smoking. (hey, I can check that one off now......or do you have to actually BE a smoker in order to quit???? BWAHAHAHA)
- I suppose I could put in here that I would drink water instead of dr pepper, but that's one resolution I don't really feel like making this year. How bout if I just cut back a little to two drinks of the addictive stuff a day instead of 4. (*wincing* oh that looks so harsh when I put it in writing)
- Catch up on some of the scrapbooking. (I can dream, can't I? And this is my effort at being optimistic....hehehe)
- Blog more of the important stuff. (like less about pms and shaving legs and more's more important things than that? hahaha. kidding. you know, more important, like crafts. I'd say more important like deep thoughts and intellectual theories but with a brain like mine, that really IS wishful thinking. HAHA. Ya'll please note though, that from time to time when I sound like I'm being negative, it really is just me kidding around....kay? good. glad we got that settled. Now where was I?)
- Shave my legs more often. (BWAHAHAHA....I'm not getting very far on the previous resolution, am I? ROFL!!!)
- Go someplace I've never been before. (Preferably NOT the inside of the mental institution)
- Love God more and myself less. (And that one is said without any kidding at all)
- Get more sleep. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Who am I kidding?!?! Well, that wasn't very positive. Actually, maybe I'm not kidding....I think I'm going to get off here now and go do that. *grin* .....maybe. hehehe)

If I think of any more good goals, maybe I'll come back and post them later. Till then.....
off to zzzz-land.