Monday, December 10, 2007


It has been a day.

Where do I start? The beginning is so far back, I hate to think about covering all that ground.

Anywho, called in sick to work today and went to the doc instead. Acute sinusitis. Lovely. Said to take the antibiotics and they should kick it out in no time. Heavens, but I hope so. I'm sick o' bein' sick. Doc also said that the achy body I've had for the last few days is related to the infection and it should be going away soon, too. Please, God, let it be so. I slept in the recliner for a good couple of hours after I got back from the doc. I wasn't hungry at lunch, so I skipped and just slept instead. Of course, part of the reason I wasn't very hungry might have had something to do with the fact that I had this conversation with the nurse:

Nurse: "Alright, hop up on the scales there, missy. Here, let me take your purse......whoa (nurse gasping at the weight of it)."

Me: (laughing) "Yeah, that would add at least 10 pounds to my weight." (watching nurse adjust the weights on the scales......adjusting.....adjusting....stopping at 142) "Oooooooh. I've gained a bit of weight." (uhoh)

Nurse: "Come over here to the other scale, that can't be right, you ain't no bigger than a pea, let's try this one." (adjusting.....adjusting.....stopping at 142) "Well, you sure don't look it, you skinny little thing, you make me sick." (have to add here that this is my favorite nurse and she's always teasing and joking around....)

Me: (still laughing) "Whatever."

I know I'm tall, and I know I'm not fat, but I've always been a 129 kind of girl. 142 just makes me cringe when it's me standing on the scales.

Anywho, needless to say, there may have been a good reason I lost my appetite at lunch today....a good reason besides being sleepy. Ha. Not that being sleepy isn't a good reason, too.

Whatever. Hopefully I'll get through with this medicine....all of it...and be my normally happy and non-medicated self again soon. Hopefully.

Oh, and let's add in there, 129. My normally happy and non-medicated 129lb self. Heh.

In other news.....K-man did some water in the potty tonight. WOOOHOOO. After he stood next to the tub and peed on the rug right after I took off his diaper for his bath for two nights in a row, I decided maybe he was ready to start doing it on the potty. So I brought out his little potty and when I took off his diaper tonight, I sat him on it and waited. No bribes, no begging....not that I'm above that by no means, but for now I'm okay with him doing it on his own time. Anyways, I waited and suddenly he started going....only he wasn't sitting right and it was going UP instead of DOWN, however I very quickly (while avoiding the shower) showed him how to fix that and he finished in the potty on his own. YIPPEEE. Then I just praised and praised and praised....and cleaned up the floor (we'll work on that part later...or maybe DADDY will work on that part later....haha....sounds like a great idea to me!!!!). And then on with the bath routine as usual. Love that boy. He's so cuddly right out of the bath....I have to RUSH to get him dried off before he throws himself and the towel into my arms and cuddles up and then I can't get the towel (or him) unwrapped enough to finish drying him. HAHA.

Let's see. That was a good bit of today. I had a couple of other things I wanted to write about, but I guess I'll save them for another day since they're kinda older thoughts anyways and a few more days won't hurt.

Skipping the Monday messages for this week. Since I've already almost finished this post before I thought about it and I don't want to go back and rewrite all that into Monday Messages. So anyways. I'm off for now.....munchkin is fighting the sleepy monster tonight and I need to go check on her.

Oh yeah, and she watched Beauty and The Beast tonight. She was HYSTERICAL to watch....when beauty and the beast were dancing, she was swaying back and forth and saying beauty and the beast with the song....ehhehee. it was cute. and then at the end, when belle was crying over the beast and he died, she was like "oh no, he killed, oh no. awwwwww. OH?!? beast getting up!!! awww they kissin!!!!" and she just kept tilting her head and she was soo into it. It was FUNNY. And after it was over, she kept talking about it. It was cute.

Alright. Going now. Later!

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