Sunday, December 09, 2007


Ever get so behind that you are about ready to give up trying to catch up?

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming......"

My motto these days.

So much funny stuff, so much crazy stuff, good times, cool (and more importantly, SUCCESSFUL) projects, laundry, short trips....I just am behind on blogging about it all and b/c I'm so behind, I just find myself not wanting to blog at all. I hate that. Oh yeah, and the worst part is I'm (still) sick and feeling yucky. I think if I wake up in the morning and still don't feel good, I think I'm going to call in sick to work and go pay my dear doc a visit. And I'm talking about the kind of doc that has an MD or some other similar term at the end of his name, not the kind of doc that has 23 flavors in the can. Although I'll probably have some one on one time with him tomorrow, too.

I'm exhausted. KC's parents have season passes to Dollywood and got us free tickets to go with them, so we all went there yesterday morning and came back today. Short trip. Sick. Rain to drive in. Grumpy, napless kids. Pretty lights and fun parade in Dollywood. Two kids crashing at exactly the same time just as we came through the big town up the hill on our way home today and slept all the way down the mountain and didn't wake up until we had gotten everything unloaded. That instant knockout of two kids at the exact same time shocked Daddy and Mommy speechless. Well. Almost speechless. Okay. Just shocked. Anywho.

Bought a cadilac of a stroller (a double stroller) for the trip. Dear heavens, but that was a lifesaver. Beats the umbrella strollers by a mile. I LOVE that I can push it with one hand....I can put my drink in the holder. I can store all the bags underneath the kids. It holds both of them. They can even recline and put THEIR drinks and snacks in THEIR holders. Best of all, tall people like us don't have to bend over to push it and thereby breaking our backs as we do when we have to use the umbrella strollers. We've decided, as handy as the umbrella strollers are, they were definitely made by short people. Probably with the intent of torture for the tall people. It works. EH. Nothing against you shorties out there.

So. That pretty much sums up the weekend. I've got a couple of things I still need to get recorded, but not tonight. I'm tired, gonna finish catchin up on here a bit and then I'm headin to bed. *sigh*

La. er. oops. t. Later.

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