Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (random picture edition)

Thirteen Random Pictures from the Crazy Lady in November/December:

1. November. Driving home. Ahhhhhh.....fall. Pretty colors.

2. Old barn. Thought it looked kinda cool....and a little lonely...sitting out there in the middle of the field by itself.

3 & 4. My delightful finds at the thrift store at the end of November. Wooohoo. Best part? Half price sale....if I remember correctly I wound up paying a buck fifty each. Both are fisher price and one is the little people house that makes sounds. Munchkin is getting these for Christmas. I'll probably buy her a couple of little people to go with it. They looked like new after I took the clorox wipes to them.

5. Me with the two big babies on my lap. Nappy time....

6. Fun with mirrors....

7. "Take my picture and die."

8. Things I didn't actually intentionally capture....
1. Hey, it's what was in the sideview mirror again....out the front winshield this time....
2. Buckle up reminder.
3. Driver obviously missed the reminder.
4. The doorhandle that sliced the finger, requiring first aid
5. Lovely first aid.

9. They upgraded....and apparently found someone a little less smarty pants to do the lettering.

10a. Is that a cat climbing the wall there?

10b. why, no.....that's a coon!

10c. Dude, what are ya'll gawkin at. I'm just checking the caulkin on yar winda's here. Yep, looks like you're up for some repairs pretty soon if you want to save sum money on yar heat bill.

10d. No, wait....don't call animal control. Noooooooo......11. Replaced the dead flowers (again). Don't these look beautiful? I had to get the kind you don't have to water. LOL. These will last forever. Ain't that great?
12. awwwww.

13.....well, maybe I'll get to it later. I'm really tired and its 11:30. *sigh* Again.



  1. LOL! You kill me! LOL! SO needed this laugh...


  2. Oh yeah... love the arrows and stuff on the pic! How did you do that?

  3. Thanks Rochelle, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. *smiles* And I just opened photoshop and used my mouse and text tool to paint on the picture. I'm sure the paint program that comes with computers could do the same thing....=) LOL.

  4. Love all the pictures. The one of munchkin is really cute, and the coon is hysterical. The flowers are beautiful, to bad they weren't up when we were taking pictures *grin*.

  5. So you'v had to use your first aid? Me to on different stuff though (like Zack)I like the pic's very funny! Love Ya!!


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