Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stayin' Alive.....

......Whether you're a brother
or whether you're a mother,
You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin,
And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive.

Life goin' nowhere. somebody help me.
Somebody help me, yeah.
Life goin nowhere. somebody help me, yeah.
I'm stayin' alive......

So. Can I have a round of applause here? I made it through an entire church service. WHOA. Scratch that. I made it TO CHURCH. Unfortunately, I made it alone....well, me and the K-man, since Munchkin got home from school and actually went and crawled in bed. That and the very discusting hacky cough....well, I knew she had to be sick. I'd pretty much guarantee that she's got the same sinus infection that two of our four family members have been trying to kick out. So I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this...I have to go to court tomorrow to see what they're going to decide on her case, and KC can't get off work, so I guess I'll just take her to daycare until court is over and then go get her and take her to the doc so we can get some of the antibiotics for her, too. That will make THREE of four family members.

I'm just in a really down mood tonight. I think it started with K-man's meltdown about 10 minutes after we got to church. I took him back to one of the sunday school rooms and tried to talk to him and all he wanted to do was scream. Too bad the sunday school rooms don't have soundproof walls/doors. I held him and let him scream and just tried to muffle them with my hand, so it was cover and let go so he could draw his breath to scream again and then repeat. After about 20 minutes of that, mommy decided to just melt down with him. Strangely enough, once he realized mommy was crying with him while he screamed and fought, he did the breath and repeat a couple more times and then leaned against me and we sat there a few more minutes and then went back out and he was pretty much as good as I can ever expect for a two year old to be for the rest of the service. Of course, I did give in and let him get down in the floor....I just couldn't deal with another meltdown tonight. I just don't know how to get through to them sometimes. Other than melt down with them, which obviously has SOME kind of effect. I'm just so tired. And when I'm tired it is SO easy to have a pity party.

So I'm going to leave it at that. I'll keep my discusting negativity offline. Stayin' alive, people.....just stayin' alive.

And no matter how much sleep I get, it's not getting any better. Maybe. Just maybe. Being off for the next 14 days will help. I hope.

If I don't kill myself trying to get everything done first.

Oh, but I just remembered something......i have the best hubby in the world. poor thing doesn't deserve to be stuck with me but----oops...sorry....negative. Anyways, he has got something special planned for our sixth anniversary on Friday and it's some big secret. All I know is I have to dress nice and pack for an overnight stay and he even took care of arranging for the kidlets to be taken care of while we're gone. I'm sure it can't be far since it's only overnight and we can't leave until 4:30 on Friday afternoon, but I'm really excited. He's such a doll. I am soooo lucky.

I could cry. No. Wait. I already did that tonight. My next cry is on the schedule sometime next year. No more til then. Okay, so I know what I could do....I could go google events that happen on this friday night and see if any of them are within a couple of hours or less from us....hehehehehe. No, I won't do that. I like surprises. Even if it's killing me to wait until friday. I'm sure I'll have enough to keep me occupied so the time will fly by. If I don't, I could always sleep.....*grin*

I'm actually going to do that now.

I think I might put sleep on my list of new years resolutions. Along with only salads to eat for the month of january due to all this fudge I'm eating in the month of december which is only making my 142 pound weight problem an even bigger issue. YOW.



  1. Jules3:25 PM

    Well at least you are tall and slender so that when you do gain weight, no one can tell. Me on the other hand? I'm a little shorter, so when I gain weight you're going to see a pudge or two. *lol* :o) I've ate too much of that chocolate this month too! *oops*

  2. When all else fails... sleep. Yep, that's my philosophy. Sleep is wonderful. (As long as one can chase away any unwanted dreams!) Sleep AND chocolate! And I thought it was sweet what you said about KC. He's blessed to have you - be nice to YOU!


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