Monday, December 24, 2007

On That Survival Thing.....?

Well, so far so good. I guess.

Although if it hadn't been for my lovely wonderful parents wrapping fiendishly all the million and one gifts for the munchkin and k-man today while the subjects in question were napping and KC and I were sorting and putting stuff together to be wrapped, there is no way we would have gotten done in time. As it was, we were still late getting to the Christmas eve dinner at my cousin's for my side of the family. Oh well. It was a good day anyways.

Got to see my brother for the first time in awhile (Munchkin keeps calling him Bwuddda Na-fan instead of Unca Nafan -- I guess b/c I keep trying to explain to her that he's MOMMY'S brother and HER uncle Nafan.....oh well).

She is just hil-ARIOUS these days. Every time I turn around she's cracking me up! So much so that I can't even remember all of it to blog. *SIGHHHHHH*

Did ya'll catch that? I sighed. usual, I'm extremely tired, and the kidlets will for SURE be up early tomorrow, plus we have to go to to the in-laws tomorrow around 11, so it's going to be a busy morning.'s eleven forty nine now and I'm not in bed. Bad thing. Very bad thing. I'm going to go fix that bad thing.

Oh yeah, and I just realized today was Monday, but my days are all mixed up from being off weird days and having the kids home all week and all that I'll try to get going with that again later.


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