Sunday, December 23, 2007


Or so my dear hubby informs me. It appears that he actually is missing my blog posts. Or at least that's what I THINK he meant by "Have you quit blogging?"

I'm going to stick with that assumption. Particularly since when I asked him if he liked reading them, his "of COURSE" sounded a bit facetious. LOL.

Oh well.

So where have I been? Surviving. Little else. I don't think the antibiotics the doc gave me a week and a half a go for the sinus infection have kicked it. I'm basing THAT assumption on the fact that I have one pill left and the sinuses have came roaring back to haunt me in the last two days. I highly doubt that the one LAST pill is going to be the kicker.

I hope the medicine the pediatricians prescribed for both of the kids sinus infections does a better job.

I must say, the first few days of our seventh year of marriage haven't been a bed of roses around this house. Mommy's grumpy cuz she don't feel good (among other things). Kids are whiny and grumpy cuz they don't feel good (among other things). Daddy is the perfect hubby and ever patient and thoughtful, which makes mommy feel worse. No, seriously.

So KC and I are having a lively discussion in the car today and we weren't being hateful or mad and I don't think it was even at each other, it was just a few moments of intense fellowship when we hear this from the back seat:

"Daddy, mommy, say SOWWEEE!"

"Um.....sorry for what???"

"Sowwee for sa-ing bad words!!!!!"

"WHAT bad words? We're not saying bad words!"

"Mommy, daddy, you KNOWW BEDDEW!!!! SAY SOWWEEE!!!!"

No, she didn't just say we know better. Yes, she did.

"Sorry, daddy!"

"Sorry, mommy!"

"Happy, munchkin???"

(Much quieter now) "You know beddew. Not do that 'gain"

"Yes, MA'AM!"

LOL. Funny little critter, that munchkin. The other day KC was doing something at the table and she was nagging him about a page that was ripped in her book and wanting him to fix it and he says to her (in one of those moments when his everlasting patience had reached the ever last) "There are 15 OTHER pages in the book that AREN'T ripped, read THOSE!!!"

"Gwumpy, GWUMPY!!!!" And she flips over to the other pages just as calmly as you please as if she'd never had an issue.

KC and I just looked at each other and busted out laughing. No, she didn't.

Yes. She did.

Crazy, that kid, Lord, love her. Riding in the car on the way home, this car was coming the other direction and KC had just passed this really slow car and it wasn't really a passing zone, and I said, that's not a cop coming toward us is it and KC says he hopes not. A few seconds later the backseat Dumbo (you know the little elephant with the GIANT EARS) is totally quiet and I turn around to see if she's asleep and she says "I'm waiting for the cop to come. Me say NOT TAZE ME." I was like, good grief.

Anyways, so yeah, I've been missing from the internet for the last little bit. Sorry to anyone whose blogs I read regularly....I'll try to get caught up soon. From the looks of the comments (or lack there-of) my usual faithful friends and commenters seem to be on break as well.

So my eyes REALLY are hurting and I need to go to bed. Did NOT get the presents wrapped tonight. NOT GOOD, ya'll, considering there are about 500 kids toys out in the garage that we need to wrap.

Was NOT expecting DSS to bring over 5 gigantic sacks full of really nice toys for the two kids. We are going to go through all the toys that we've bought and that DSS sent and pick a few things to save for later. The kids are going to be so overwhelmed on Christmas morning. And not to mention all the goodies they've gotten from both sides of the family and friends at church and all that. We will probably just go through and remove ALL their old toys to make room for the new ones.....YOW. Good problem to have, I guess, I know we're really blessed, so I can't complain, but we have to wrap all zillion of the goodies and there are approximately 24 hours left. YIiIIIIiiiIIIIIiIIIIIiiiiiIIIiiIiIiIIiIIIIiIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!


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  1. Love the munchkin conversation! *LOL* Hope you have a fun time going through toys and wrapping!! *grin*


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