Saturday, December 29, 2007, "I'M".....Tired!!!!!!

Laundry: Overdue
Church Newsletter: WAY Overdue
Sleep: Overdue
Book to Mail For PB Swap: Overdue

Other probably overdue items that I'm overdue in checking on to make sure they're NOT overdue:

Library books
Mommy Attitude Adjustment
Cleaning the kitty box wait....I KNOW that's overdue.....

Oh well anyways.

That was my negative list. Now for the positives:
  • PMS: Right on time (oh wait, that would be on the negative side....bwahahahaha.....)
  • Mom's Christmas Present: finally arrived (only 4 days AFTER Christmas....hey that's not negative, just pointing out the FACTS here)
  • Cat finally pooped in the LITTER BOX today. Changed the litter and that POSSIBLY seems to be helping. This doesn't quite make up for all 50 times that I've had to pick up and clean up the brown piles or the one time that KC stepped in it before I could get it cleaned up.....OR the laundry that I've had to wash that smelled like....non human urine.....but it's a start. Small, but still a start.
  • Had a girls night in tonight at KR with all seven kids and us three moms. That was fairly quiet. Unless you count the dirty diapers I had to from the baby and one from the potty trained one who wears panties. Who said to me, and I quote, "me did it on purpose." Oh and the bar of soap that same potty trained one lathered through her hair for no apparent reason.....this from the child who would rather NOT wash her hair and must be reasoned with daily to get this event to occur. Oops....I'm negative again. Anyways, it was fun to commiserate (errrr....I mean VISIT...yes, visit, of course) with two other sympathetic and understanding mothers (and wives) while corralling all our humans. Positive. Must. Be. Positive.
  • Got the munchkin's room somewhat only took me two point five days and I still need to steam clean the carpets.
  • Got the K-man's room finished. Keeping it that way is a different story but hey. And I'll worry about the closets later.

Oh wait, back to the negative things for a second....I messed up K-man's bedtime last night...put him to bed at 8:30 instead of 7:30 and as I might have predicted, he was still awake at 11. He finally went to sleep and then woke us up at around 1:30 and was awake and bouncing around his crib wanting to get up.....and then coughing and hacking until he gagged himself and then crying b/c he gagged himself and then coughing b/c the drainage going down his throat from crying.......and then going back to happy and bouncing around and calling out for "mommmmmyyyyyy......daddddyyyyyyyy.......mommmmy.......MOMMMY........dadddddddy...." Well, you get the picture. When I tried changing his diaper to see if that was his problem, he told me he was "seeepy" but did he go back to sleep? NOOOOooooo. Not till after four sometime. I was SOOOO tired when I got up this morning. Took him to the doc about the coughing b/c the cough meds didn't work last night for the coughing and the doc thinks he may have the beginnings of asthma and now we have to give him nebulizer treatments twice a day or more as needed to see if this will help clear things up. more thing to add to my already stressed routine every morning and night before and after work. Then tonight at K's he ran a temp of 103.1, which is not good. Hopefully he's not going to run one again, but it's almost 1am which is around his magic hour, so I should go check his temp again. Not really any point of going to bed now since it's already time for him to get me up again. Lord, love him, I do love him, but I'm ready for him to give me a break already! He's wearing me out with this sick stuff. If he's got a bug, he's timed it just right....72 hours....that will knock me out of sunday services again. Why is it always on the weekends????????? UGH.

Sorry, I'm really complaining.....I don't mean to....KC says I'm too negative and I should stop getting frustrated. I'm just SOOOOO tired. My eyes are really droopy and I need to go check K-man's temp, so I'll get off here. No more grumping tonight.

Relieved? Discusted? Or are you already gone? LOL. Frankly, I don't blame you if you're all of the above. I'm pretty much feeling the same way, only I can't get away from me.


Random Quote of the evening: "Look, toe jam!" don't want to know. Let's just say by the end of THAT little episode somebody got put in time out....and it wasn't one of mine for a change. LOL. Sure was funny though!

Oh and this one: "Hab a'It"

That one wasn't my kid either, but he was mimicking what I had just was hilarious....and in case you didn't get it, he was saying "Have AT it!" Ya had to be there I guess. *grin*

By the way, Ms. Negative Realist is RIGHT ON (again). It is now 12:58 and I just had to drop the computer and run into the bedroom and comfort the K-man....who is now sounding off again. No sleep again tonight I guess.


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