Monday, October 01, 2007


Shoo. Last night? Well, let's just say I gave new meaning to the term "hurl" because there is no way that what I did last night could be classified as anything as simple as "vomit" (unless of course, you add the word "projectile" in front of "vomit"). I'm laughing a little about it now (well, that is, when I'm awake, cuz I've been in this comatose state what time I haven't been hanging over the toilet or cleaning up the "covered in puke" bathroom....feels like I've been drugged or something) but it sure wasn't funny last night.

I'm not sure what the deal is, but two of the teachers at munchkin's daycare were sick this morning when I (still in my pjs with a skirt on top) dropped munchkin off so I could go back home and return to my coma. KC was sick last night, although he recovered much quicker, due in part to the fact that he didn't have much in his stomach, I guess. Either that, or he wasn't really sick until he saw/smelled my bathroom before I got it cleaned up. I'm still tempted to trash the shower curtain. I dumped it in a garbage bag and set it outside b/c the washer was full of all the rugs that were in the bathroom and I had to get the stench out of the area, but I'm afraid if I go and put it in the washer, I'm going to end up getting sick again. Is it really worth $20 bucks to just go get a new one? We've had that one awhile anyways. Hm.....I'm thinking the clear liner will work for awhile.....LOL.

Me-thinks it will be awhile before I'll think about eating Mexican food again. I'd much prefer to puke up something that I didn't like anyways, b/c then I wouldn't be tempted to give up one of my all-time favorite foods for a very long time. I'm thinking it will be at least 3 weeks before I'll think about eating Mexican again. LOL. I'm not sure I'll be able to look at shredded lettuce the same again. ROFL. Have I grossed anyone out yet? LOL. Sorry. I'll stop now.

So other than last night's drama, the weekend was pretty uneventful. The yardsale that we scheduled a month ago actually did happen. YAY. I was pretty happy that we made over three hundred dollars. When you look at all the work that goes into those things, you wonder if that was really worth it, but we cleaned out a lot of junk and I'd say THAT, in addition to the $300+ dollars, is pretty worth it. Not only that, but when we went back to pick up the signs, KC said that out of the 5 signs, 3 had fallen down. Now we don't know at what point they fell down, but I'd say we did pretty good for not putting it in the paper, not living on a main drag, and 3 of the 5 signs falling down sometime between 6:30am and 2pm. I think next time I'll make some better signs. And unfortunately, we have enough stuff left for there to BE a next time. *sigh* Oh well....maybe we'll make another $300+ on the rest of this junk. LOL.

So my phone is getting ready to die, and my eyelids are falling shut again, so I'm going to get going here, find some more crackers to nibble on, plug in that phone, and get some (more) sleep. Oh yeah, and I need to take those rugs out of the washer before they sour....ewww. All that will take me at least half an hour due to my extreme slow moving achy self. Maybe I'll throw a few more advil in there before I go to coma-time....

Speaking of coma-time....I've had some REALLY kooky-vivid dreams while I've been in coma-land today. I don't remember many of them, but one of them reminded me of some strange video game. I wasn't playing it, I was IN it. I don't have a clue what that was about, or even remember much of it, but it was some kind of underwater thing where you were swimming to get through this something or other and in order to survive underwater, you had to go up on this sand mountain and get some genie or something to give you special powers, but they only lasted for so many minutes......yeah, it was weird. And then one of them involved my grandpa who has been dead for years and an oldtimey dress that was only partially completed....and then there was the one where I couldn't find the button I needed in Adobe Illustrator to convert to line drawing and I knew it was there, but I couldn't figure it out and then the screens kept changing and making me dizzy....and the last one was something about digging in my old backyard and we were digging out roads to play cars in (and ALL of us were WAY past the childhood stage)....then it transformed into a discussion about alternative lifestyles (that IS the politically correct term, right?).....anyways, like i said, KOOKY-VILLE. On second thought, maybe I'd rather stay awake.

And there you have it, you've just wasted a perfectly good five minutes reading this....probably MUCH more than you wanted to know, right? So what are you waiting for. Go do something productive now. Like floss. Or have a snack. Better yet, go eat popcorn, then the flossing will be even more neccessary and productive. LOL. =) =) Yes. I am a certifiable nut! But today I'm sick. So I'm allowed to be nuttier than usual. It's my blog and we're making up the rules as we go along. Bwahaha.



  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Sorry you were sick, but does that happen every time I go on vacation? Hope you are feeling better. Mom

  2. I was going to go to MiPueblito for supper tonight! I don't know if I'll enjoy it quite as much now! haha Hope you get feeling better soon. Stephanie

  3. ooooh so sorry you got sick, I hope you get better quickly!
    I puked on our shower curtain once (food poisoning) and we got a new one! I say get a new one b/c you'll never look at the old one the same way again. and you will SWEAR that you can still smell 'it'.

  4. Projectile is what makes vomit fun...never ever eat a red popsicle if you are throwing up. It will scare the pee pee out of you.

  5. You have my permission to puke anytime...just hope it doesn't come through your nostrils when you are laughing at the same time...

  6. Ewwwwwy. I know I am replying a bit late... but I hope you are 100% now. And I so agree with Denise! :)


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