Saturday, October 06, 2007

Random Conversation....

Daddy (exasperated to the cat): "Go to the bathroom!"
a good thirty second pause.....
Munchkin (watching a movie but sounding highly offended): "Me not need to go to the bafwoom, Daddy!"
Daddy: "Not you, JANGO!"
Munchkin: "Gango?"
Daddy: "Yes, Jango...."
Munchkin: "Oh. Gango need to go to the bafwoom? Go to the bafwoom, Gango! Go poopy, cat!"
Jango: "Meow."

three minutes later....out of the blue.......
Munchkin (watching Monsters): "Me hove you, too, Mike Wagawgi!!!!!!"


  1. My kids used to love watching Monsters Inc.

    I am feeling a lot better, but I can't get up at night by myself for the next seven days (ten days on the avolex or avelox).

  2. Oh - and we used to have two dogs...
    One named Boba Fett and one named Jango Fett.

  3. LOL!! She is just too cute! And Practical Chick - love the names of your dogs!!

  4. cute kid speak! :)


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