Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Messages -- Another Random Edition

Dear Proverbs 31 Ministries,
Thank you for Today's Devotion. Actually, thank you for this blog. It quite often hits home to me and is great to jumpstart meditation during my busy days. Had I time, I'd actually send this message to you, but unfortunately, this is as close as I'll probably get. LOL. So. Thanks.
-Busily Meditating

Dear K-man,
Just cuz Munchkin was in a good mood this evening, didn't mean that you had to make up for it by being extra grumpy. Sheeeesh. Well, at least I managed to get you to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight. I figured you could use it.

Dear Kids,
Are you both sick? K-man, you slept until 6 THIRTY this morning and Munchkin, I actually had to go WAKE YOU UP!!! Go figure, you would decide to do that on the morning that I had planned to be ready when you were up early and made sure I wouldn't need to get my shower in the morning. *sigh* Do I dare hope you might do that tomorrow? Doubt it. I think I'll just take my shower again tonight....just in case. LOL.
Love you both anyways!

Dear Self,
You have lots of projects you need to get done. You better find some time and get busy! No, you may not get the blog re-design itch just b/c everyone else is doing bloggy don't have time. Thank you very much. Don't listen to that Faith girl who is beginning to get twitchy about that itchy and tossing ideas at you for a blog redecoration.....she is nuts! Just keep ignoring her and stay focused on the things that you're supposed to be doing....the productive things. Kay? Great. Glad you're listening.
Your Conscience

Dear Cold or Sinus Junk....or whatever you are that is causing discusting stuff to come out of my throat and nose,
GO AWAY already. I'm sick and tired of hacking up yucky.....uh.....stuff.....and I'm also tired of blowing my nose. It's been a whole week now. And while you're leaving, could you also take Mr. Runny Poo that has been harrassing the K-man for almost two weeks with you? I'd REALLY appreciate it. No, really. You have no idea!
Thanks very much,
Sick and Tired

Dear Bloggy Friends in Real Life,
I'm just going to tell you....I know ya'll are busy, but KC, Dawn, Julie, Becky, Amy, Nikki, need to get/keep posting already!!!! Lil ol me would like very much to read some/regularly updated posts. See, I'm real nosy like that, and I'd like to know what's going on with you guys!!! *sigh* And ya'll three on my private friend list, ya'll are doing good....just keep posting, kay? By the way, I really would like to encourage you guys to make your blogs makes me sad that everybody can't enjoy them like I (and the select others you've allowed) get to. *sigh* But then, I understand privacy, too.....*sigh* Anyways, and if there are any of you other friends who have started blogs, please let me know so I can, LOL. email is over in the sidebar somewhere near the top....just send me a leetle email with your link....or post a comment on here.....I'd LUV to add your blog to my Friends IRL either private or public blog listing. So....all ya'll....get moving!
Your friend and hopefully, fellow blogger

Dear Hectic Life,
Haven't I told you before that you need to chill out already? You are SO not listening. Matter of fact, I'm beginning to think you're backtalking. B/c if anything, you're getting worse. If you don't stop, I'll have to put you in time out. Oh're not one of my kids, I can't do that. But hey, if you act like one of my kids....and you ARE acting like it.....then can I help it if I have the urge to treat you like it???? GRRRRR.
Faith (aka Mommy)

Hey...I think I just realized what "aka" stands for.....does that mean "also known as?" OH MY GOODNESS.....I can't believe I have used that so many times and known what it "meant" but not what it actually stood for.......that has to be it. Eh. I'm too tired to google it. So if that's not what it officially stands for, then I don't care. It works for my

Dear Bed,
It's too early. Stop hollering for me. You're ALSO sounding like one of my kids!!!
Trying to stay awake

Dear Work,
I want to quit. Please. Please. I want to quit. I'm so tired of dealing with people. Why can't I just be left in peace. And no, nothing new has happened (for those of you who are aware of my history of dealing with idiots), I'm just tired of working there....seems like every time I turn around there's a new idiot. Ugh. And I's not going to be perfect if I stay at home and/or work from home, but good gravy, it HAS to be BETTER!!!!
-Just want to be left alone

Dear Munchkin,
Oh you are so cute. And I didn't even tell you to pray for that.

Tonight's Bedtime Prayer/Conversation -- By Munchkin

Dear hevewy fawer, tank you fow mommy daddy, tank you fow baby bwuder, hep daddy go to work, hep mommy to stay home with me and baby bwuder not work, hep bwuder lissen skool tomowwow not get bad note, hep me not get bad note skool mowwow, hep me get good note and hep bwuder get good note, hep mommy go work mowwow, hep mawmaw pawpaw, hep nonna poppa, hep ane, nikki, and ____ .......{long pause} mommy, me pway for me not get bad note?

Honey, you already prayed for that.

Nuh, uh!

Uh, huh!

Nuh, uh!

Okay, whatever, just finish your prayer and go to sleep.

Hep me not get bad note, Aaaaaaaaaa-MEN.

a-MEN! Alright. Goodnight, sweetie. I love you.

Me hove you, too, mommy! Doodnight!

****TRANSLATION***** (for those who don't speak Munchkin-ese)
Dear heavenly father, thank you for mommy {and} daddy, thank you for baby brother (although she used his real name), help daddy {when he} go{es} to work, help mommy {to get to} stay at home with me and baby brother (again, used his real name) not {go to} work, help brother to listen at school tomorrow {and} not get a bad note, help me not get a bad note {at} school {to}morrow, help me get {a} good note, help brother get {a} good note, help mommy {when she} go{es} to work {to}morrow, help mawmaw {and} pawpaw, help nonna {and} poppa, help Shane, Nikki, and {little man}......and i think you can figure out the rest. The brackets are what I added b/c she doesn't use a whole lot of pronouns and connector words yet. LOL....and unless you know what she's trying to say, sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense. Haha.

Anyways, it was really funny. KC gave me this LOOK when she prayed for mommy to get to stay home instead of going to work....and I whispered to him while she was praying...I DIDN'T TELL HER TO SAY THAT!!!! LOL.

Okay.....that's all for today. It's not as early as it was awhile ago....(naw, duh, right?) I'm going to bed now.


Actually, I take that back, I'm not actually going to bed RIGHT now, but I'm going to post this blog and then go check my mail and probably a few other friend's blogs and THEN go to bed. LOL.



  1. Thanks, It's beautiful! You do know me pretty well after all. *Big Smile*

  2. By the way, I ain't scared about the password thing, and I am glad the children slept for you. Prayer does work!

  3. I am coming to expect these Dear .... posts you know. They are great. So glad the wee ones slept for you, too.


  4. I am with Rochelle. I tune in every week just to read these. I love it!

    That prayer was YUMMY!


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