Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Was Right.

Why. Am I always right on the times when I'd rather NOT be!?!

K-man was up at 5:45 this morning. Not interested in rocking back to sleep....not interested in staying in his crib and playing.....ugh.

After a diaper change, a drink, and grabbing two poptarts, he was still crying and upset. And I was still sleepy. So.....I sat him in the crib with the two poptarts and went back to my room and turned off the monitor and crawled back in bed. At 8 oclock KC called me for diaper duty. And it was DUTY alright. YUCK! He has STILL got diarhea!!!! NASTY. It overflowed his diaper. Discusting.

HOWEVER, huge kudos to KC for not only keeping an eye on him while I slept, but also while watching him, he got the dishwasher loaded, the piles of papers in the kitchen sorted, and then filed. Sheeesh. Not bad. =) It was very nice to get a little more sleep.

Today we're going to go to the big town and get some groceries and do a little shopping for some QUIETER toys for the K-man. I'm also going to get some bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast for the kiddo which is what the faithful internet tells me that might help his yucky diapers.

So I guess I'll get off here and go finish getting ready......

Oh, one thing before I go.....what's up with you people who read my blog and answered the surveys??? Two of you people in particular. The two who voted that your relation to me was "love of my life." See, the first voter in that spot was my honey, KC. The very person who I created that category on the survey what's up with the other two votes??? The only other people who should be in that category don't read this blog....well, not the way the typical person would read......that one would be God. And then there's my kids.....who aren't old enough to vote. So I'm confused. Who are you and why did you vote that? FYI....that position is already filled. Thanks. =)

I'm going now.



  1. LOL!! First of all I want to say that I did not vote you to be the love of my life. LOL!! And second, yeah... don't you hate it when you are right about that!!? LOL!! You are doing a great job!

  2. HAHA! I'm glad you didn't Rochelle!!! You're a great friend and all, but....hehehe. So. Now that narrows it down by one. *GRIN* And yes, I hate being right about some things....somehow that is usually the only times I'm absolutely right. *SIGH* =)

  3. It wasn't me either! :)

    I actually don't know if I have ever voted...

    Better get to it.


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