Thursday, October 11, 2007

And so it begins....

Here we go...... As if I needed anything ELSE to add to the drama this week. I should have known. If it can happen, you KNOW it will.

Turns out, it wasn't for no reason that I was having a little trouble being patient yesterday evening. I can actually be a little glad about that, b/c if I can manage to handle things without pulling my hair out, WHILE PMSing, I think things will work out just fine. ROFL! Course, it does help to have friends. Thank GOD for friends!

Today I have to thank my excellent friend, Kelly, who despite having sick boys, was willing to try to help me out with my carseat sit-che-a-shun! Although I was able to get another friend (the honorable CV) to come and get the carseats and deliver them to Nikki so she can take the kids home tonight, and Kelly didn't have to go find some for me, I really do appreciate that she was going to do it!!! And I'm so appreciative of having friends that I know will go the extra mile (or fifty...LOL) when I desperately need the help!!!

Last night? Little boy slept ALL night long....didn't wake up until 15 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off anyways, so I wasn't really mad about it. And after I got the family up and dressed and some breakfast and all that stuff, while trying to juggle kids and get myself ready at the same time......I was thankful for that extra 15 minutes. Especially given that we are now in the "jealous big sister over little brother's attention" stage. Joy, joy! She actually sat herself in timeout this morning b/c all she wanted to do was whine and I couldn't hold her b/c I was getting ready so she got mad and sat herself in time out. ROFL! It's funny now...I was kinda irritated then....LOL.

Anywho, one more night and then it'll all get better...I hope. *GRIN* Gotta run for now...need more midol. *sigh*


ps here's a pic that i finally got uploaded and i also put a few more on the private blog. this one is the s'more cupcakes i made for the all day meeting at church....i thought they turned out pretty good for my first effort, but unfortunately, they didn't turn out as well as they looked on the blog I saw them on originally. Haha. I'll have to go link that later so ya'll can see how truly sad mine looked in comparison....hehehe, but the link is on my home computer. =) Unless I find it while I'm at work....which is much more likely to happen. *GRIN* Okay here it is.....don't laugh. *GRIN* AS IF! hehehe.


  1. The cupcakes look good to me. What's not to love, chocolate with more chocolate on top. YUM.

  2. If at first you don't succeed..try..try..definatly try again..LOL! I clicked on your link to get the recipe because my family is getting tired of my old standby..banana, chocolate chip muffins...sigh! Besides I'm sure those who were lucky enough to enjoy them thought they looked and tasted great..quit being so hard on yourself my friend.


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