Monday, April 02, 2007


(It's a deep subject....and I don't have my diving gear on today, so we won't go there.....and yes. I know. Corny)

How do you make a two year old go to sleep? No really. I'm not being funny....I'd really like to know. B/c I have work to do and so far I've had to get up twice to go see what the problem was (luv the baby monitor...she has no idea that I know everything she's doing in there....although truthfully, it does feel strange to walk in there to check on her and know that KC can then hear MY breathing as well. LOL). Anyways, the first time she just started wailing and crying, "no, no, nonono mommy noooo." I'm thinking...okay what's up with that? She's not dreaming, there's nothing different about the whole situation than there has been for the last 2 weeks....what's the deal here? So I go in and ask her why she's crying....of course, there is no response. LOL. So I start you upset? Nod. Is it b/c you don't want to go to bed. Shaking head no. Is it because the light is off. Nod. Do you want the light on? Nod. Okay. I'll turn the lamp on if you go to sleep. Nod. Lamp on. 15 minute you think she's sleeping? Why NO.

So I'm going to stop right now and go check again. And if she's still awake....I'm going to be frustrated cuz there is really nothing else I can do. *sigh* And whoever says baths make them sleep better never met this kid. She just had a nice long can do. Oh but the good news is that now she's actually loving much so that when I turn the water on she immediately starts ripping her clothes off and screaming in frustration b/c she can't get them off fast enough. Boy, I love two year olds....the terrible twos is the terrible truth! Oh, and now she's not only getting her hair wet herself, but she's LAYING back in the water and getting her hair wet on purpose.
"Look, mommy! My hair wet!"
Then when it's time to get out....after she's had plenty of play time in the bath......
URK! So now I have the opposite problem. Now she don't hate it. *sigh*
Although....ya'd think....working where I work, I'd have had plenty of experience and be used to dealing with two year olds. Bwahahaha.....
oh hang on....i hear banging. Be right back.......
Kay. MAYBE....just maybe.....maybe she's asleep now. *sigh*

So really. I should be working right now. I've got a church newsletter layout from our church that needs to be's probably already late, but they just got the articles to me like yesterday....and I still don't have them all....but I just am not really in the mood to work with it tonight. I've tried. I really have. But Punkin only watched Happy Feet in the chair next to me (on the other computer) for about fifteen minutes before deciding that she wanted to keep watching it from the comfort of my lap. AND she wiggles. Regardless of the number of times I told her to sit still. So I got about as far as getting the articles downloaded to my computer off of my email and that was about it. And now KC is here (he had a meeting in Charlotte tonight and got home late) and he's tired and ready for bed. It's 9:29. Where does that leave me any time to do anything. And gripe, gripe, gripe, but her breathing just got UN-consistent and she's moving around again. GRRRR.

I have to go now.

Oh yeah, update on the boss's daughter, still not good....her body is responding more, but the doctor's aren't sure that her brain will be okay, which could be a bad thing. Keep praying!

I'm going to put her to sleep now.

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