Thursday, April 19, 2007


That was the diagnosis. My lungs are clear now, so doc said the bronchitis is pretty much gone, but the lingering "sick" stuff.......well. He said basically with everything that's going on (including being sick for the last 5 weeks) it's created stress and the stress is preventing me from getting over the sickness, which is creating more stress on top of everything else. And then the nausea is the stress, too, b/c it's making my stomach create too much acid. So he gave me stuff to bring down the acid in my stomach before it gets to the point of creating an ulcer (yeah that would be lovely), and he gave me some medicine to get rid of a lovely infection which came from the antibiotics to get rid of the bronchitis. Sheesh.

Anyways. To answer Becky and Rochelle, it's not a baby. LOL. How completely hilarious would THAT be? *grin* But really. It's not. Although I admit, even knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm not, it still did cross my mind as well. LOL.

Speaking of the commenters on my last post: Becky, Rochelle, and Anonymous (also known as
(ugh....I just lost everything I just said to you guys. ARGH.)
Becky: I'm so glad you're enjoying reading this blog....that's so great. It always makes my day when people tell me they're reading. Thanks!
Rochelle: Um. I forget what I said now. Oh yeah.'s taken a lot of meaningless blather to get to #300...and aren't you glad I didn't do a 300 question like I did for post #100? LOL. It's okay, you don't have to be polite. You can say YES! *GRIN*
Amy: So YOU are the culprit! *Grin* Thanks for coming out of lurkdom....and of course for reading. =) And yes....we do. have. our. hands. full. *GRIN*
Speaking of hands being full.....I have to get moving....munchkin is in the whiney "time to start the bedtime routine" point (which will take me approximately an hour and a I'm going to go ahead and post.)

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  1. I've been a bad blog commenter lately... sorry.
    But "baby" crossed my mind as well! :D
    Glad you are on the upswing!


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