Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm back now. Shoo. I hate tantrums. Forget the fact that I understand how she feels in that sometimes I'D like to throw one, but...anyways. I still don't like it when she throws a fit.

Since today is Thursday, and since my blog has migrated into just another mommy blog in which nothing is about me anymore, because there is no time for me.......I think I'll just do a Thursday Thirteen that is ONLY about me. LOL. And I can do this now b/c Punkin is now in bed and *crossing fingers* asleep. Not only that, but I have to hurry cuz I took the full prescribed dosage of the prescription cough syrup and I've got maybe 15 minutes before my eyelids will be glued shut. I can feel them getting heavier as we speak. *sigh* *yawn*

Must hurry.

So. Now. What shall the thirteen things about me be.....shall i have a topic? Hum. Should have waited on the cough syrup. Forgive me for anything I say tonight....we'll blame it all on the medication.

Thirteen of my deepest darkest secrets.....
1. Um. Can't talk about that one.
2. Um.....scratch this idea. I're disappointed, but some things should just stay deepest darkest secrets......LOL

Thirteen Things I Would Like To Have Free Time (without being sick) To Do:
1. (Yes, I can already tell this is going to be a much better topic) Scrapbook --- and I need several WEEKS of free time for this one!
2. Organize the pantry.....which is in desperate need but I can't talk about why b/c this thirteen is all about ME!
3. Read. Do you know I haven't even had time to go to the library in like two weeks? I've probably got some overdue fees on those three books on the coffee table which haven't even been cracked open. And poor DW....her book supplier has slacked off. I should have taken her these ones on my coffee table since I haven't even touched them. I have gotten through maybe three chapters of one of those heartsong books (that used to be a one hour read for me) in the last two weeks b/c the only time I have to read now is the bathroom. TMI? Sorry.
4. Clean my desk. EW. It's discusting.
5. Clean my laptop computer screen. My desk isn't the only thing that's discusting.
6. Sleep. Although this is one that I've been able to do while being sick. *sigh* (speaking of sleep, I must hurry.....cuz my eyelids are blinking rapidly in an attempt to remain open to the last number)
7. Relax. Nuff said.
8. ReOrganize my scrap stuff (for like the millionth time) into a useable and manageable system.
9. Take pictures.
10. Shave my legs...along with various other personal maintenance issues that have been sadly actually doing something with my hair...etc.
11. Watch a movie.
12. Blog un-interrupted (oh wait.....that's what I'm doing now)
13. Have I mentioned sleep yet? Oh yeah, that was number six. Um. What shall number thirteen Sorry. My fingers are just following my eyelids here. Um. Um. Can't think. I a purse! A nice big perfect one. And I want to go shopping for it all by my lonesome. Maybe on a lunchtime next week I'll tackle that one. *grin*

okay. That's thirteen. And b/c I'm too sleepy to make it official, if you want to see other thirteens, just go to I think that's the site.


PS Can I also add that I really love my hubby? I don't talk about him much anymore either. And although he was having a little bit of guy PMS issues today, he's been really awesome. And so helpful with everything that's going on around the house. He's been off work all this week and next week, too, and he's been a busy little beaver around the house and getting all kinds of things done. What a sweetie. Not to mention the fact that he's been very sweet about the fact that I haven't had time to shave my legs and hasn't complained yet.....about that or anything else, really. *grin* I love him. And tonight I really miss him cuz he had to go up to the church for skit practice. And I'm going to have to go to bed now and he still isn't home. Wahh. (oh and by the way, he's not been reading the ol blog lately, so I'm not saying any of this cuz he's reading. *grin* in fact, he'll probably not see this at all......and speaking of not seeing things, I have to direct you to this blog post.....I've seriously considered doing this, although if dear hubby happens to read this, then it won't really work. (hang on a sec...KC, if you're reading this, DON'T go click on that link, okay? Thanks!) *GRIN* So ya'll (except for KC) go check it out (don't forget to look at the sidebar....LOL! FOUR WEEKS on one! WOAH!). And have a great day!

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