Friday, April 06, 2007

Mean Mommy

Yep. That would be me. These fits are really getting to me. How do you make a two year old quit throwing tantrums? It would be one thing if it were something predictable that I could try changing the procedure to make things go smoother, but it's not. She gets dressed fine every day. Suddenly, today-- she'd rather not put her clothes on. Another episode identical to the one in the doctor's office only without an audience (thank God). So she got to sit in the pouting chair in her underwear until she finished screaming and crying and was ready to get dressed (it only takes about a minute and a half....although it seems much longer at the time, but it's really not that long, and I'm not really THAT mean). But she's no dummy. She knows exactly what she's doing. And I'm not letting her get by with it. She gets a warning. And she knows that if she doesn't straighten up, the second time she repeats the behavior, she gets to sit in the pouting chair. And she also knows that she can't get up until she dries it up. It's really kinda funny actually (after she stops with the screaming, that is....).....she'll quieten down for a couple of secs and then sniffle and then I hear a "me stop now" and another which I promptly take her a kleenex, smile at her, and ask her if she's ready to get dressed now. And then it's a meek nod and she's as good as gold for at least a couple of hours. We're getting there. It seems to work well for her. That's how they handle the fits at school, so we're trying to keep it all consistent. Hopefully she'll start realizing soon that the fits aren't getting her anywhere and are a waste of time. *grin*

Course, then we go with Mawmaw and Pawpaw like today and they spoil her like crazy. Lovely. Then I REALLY feel like the mean mommy after that. But it was really sweet today. We drove down to Greenville and met Aunt C and Uncle R and his daughter and her son.....Mom and Aunt C got the kids each an Easter basket full of goodies and we had lunch at California Dreamin. It was a lovely time. The best part is that there were no fits until the last little bit of the trip back....and that's with her only getting 20 minutes of nappy time instead of the two hours she so desperately needed. We paid for that one tonight, let me tell ya! But it was a good time. I got lots of pictures with Mom's camera (since I took my camera but left the old memory card at not intelligent of me!). I'll try to find a couple I can post on here later maybe. When I get them from her. Anywho.

Speaking of Greenville....somebody from Greenville is looking at my blog like.....lots and lots of times in a clicking onto my page enough to count the entries. Who are you? It looks like a charter hickory IP address, so I can't figure out why it says greenville, but whoever you are that is clicking on my blog lots of times, could you at least stop and say hey? Thanks! =) You're a peach. =)

Okay. I'm off to bed now....tonights dose of cough syrup is KICKIN in!

Later, ya'll!

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