Thursday, April 26, 2007

I. Am. So.


The lovely medicine my doctor gave me to fix all my problems (or at least the ones that are the most bothersome right now) has the side effect of fatigue and drowsiness. It also has the side effect of insomnia, so the doc told me to take it in the mornings. Yeah. And then I drive to work. Very intelligent, huh? But the worst part is sitting here doing piddlywork that requires no thought.....ya know, like printing letters and membership cards in mass batches and then signing the letters and folding them up....yeah. It's putting me to sleep.

I'm trying to stay awake by planning the Dora party for munchkin on Saturday. I'm going to *cough cough* attempt to make a Dora cake......we'll see. I've got all the stuff now, I'm just contemplating what kind of activities to do. Found some ideas online, like doing a treasure hunt using....of course....THE MAP. Munchkin LOVES the map. Now that she's talking, whenever she watches Dora, she says "Map" everytime they're using it. It's cute. Anyways. I got sidetracked there. So yeah. I think at each spot, I'll set up a human with a goody and let them follow their map to each spot and get collect all their goodies. There are only 4 kids plus munchkin, so it shouldn't be TOO complicated. *grin*

Anyways, I haven't really talked about munchkin lately. Things are some better now. Monday night, of course, was rough with a capital R! BioM is apparently following through on her case plan, so if she continues, I guess munchkin will not be with us for too long. I'd say she'll probably be with us at least through the summer. I cringe thinking of it though. Monday's visit, bioM and bioGM brought a cake and balloons and gifts for her birthday. Most of the gifts were okay, but I wasn't keen on the Spongebob movie. OR the gazillion tootsie roll pops that were in her book bag. Okay, so it was only like 7 or 8, but that's a LOT for a 3 year old, AND she'd already eaten THREE plus cake before she even got back to the daycare. SHEESH. Last week it was a bucket of cotton candy that was half eaten by the time she got back to daycare. Hello. We're talking at 9-10am here! It's no wonder that she is grumpy by the time she gets home....she's had a sugar crash! Oh well. I'm trying to lighten up a bit and lower my expectations of her behavior and it seems to be helping some. That, plus the fact that KC and I had a long discussion on which behaviors were absolutely not allowed and which ones were negotiable and then what discipline we'd use for each so that we could be consistent on following through....that has helped. That and the fact that we narrowed down the behaviors to only a couple that require time-out (which is the discipline that usually creates her biggest tantrums)...the rest, we decided to use other disciplines (and if they escalate into no-no behaviors, THEN use time-out). So far it seems to be working better. That's pretty much it on the munchkin front.

In other things: Denise left a comment on my THUMMPP post pointing me to another "Grace" in the is that post.....don't drink anything while you're reading it, or YOU may end up with a name like "Grace".....*grin*

I think that's about it for now. I'm going back to my boring task of letters and membership cards. *sigh*

Have a lovely afternoon.


  1. It sounds like you and KC are wonderful parents. :) I know it will be letting go of Munchkin when/if it comes to that... but right now you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do! I hope you are sleeping well now, and are wide awake for tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I had a really good time @ the bday party. You did great. You are doing a great job Faith.

  3. I love your Dora cake. You did a great job!!! Sounds like little Munchkin has some good things goin' on over there.


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