Sunday, April 15, 2007

Comments and StatCounter Stuff

Okay. Me confused. Really confused. So what else is new? Statcounter tends to do that to me though. LOL. Ya know that greenville person who is like driving up the numbers? Well, I clicked on my page the other day and mine said that. However, I haven't been on my site other than here to post, so it can't be me. And it shows up as someone being there and I know it hasn't been me. So here's what I'm thinking....anybody using charter cable internet in this region must show up that same thing since it must be out of the same hub. I have no clue who this could be. Maybe lots of people. Oh well.

And the comments....Rochelle, from Dream Bigger, my faithful that! =) Just wanted to answer a couple. The Easter break comment

Rochelle has left a new comment on your post "Easter Break....nearly broke me.": I hope you feel better soon. I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in FOREVER! I used to live in Charleston, SC so I would head north on occasion. I got pulled over by a corrupt cop once in that area... made me pay him cash, on the spot or he would take me to jail... NICE memories there! LOL Posted by Rochelle to Random Insanity at 2:13 PM

Yikes. Sounds like a bad cop to me!!! What a bummer!

and the comment on Friday the 13th....

Rochelle has left a new comment on your post "Friday The Thirteenth": F-R-E-A-K-Y!!!! Oh. My! Weird..... just weird... at first I thought you were going to say you had an earthquake... then I thought you were going to say the cats were chasing each other and caused the mess.... freaky is all I got to say... freaky!Rochelle Posted by Rochelle to Random Insanity at 10:01 AM

Yes....freaky is a really GOOD word for it. And speaking of that incident, I need to get moving here and help KC get the closet rods back up. I think he's getting irritated cuz I'm sitting in here on the computer. *grin*

Oh by the way, munchkin has been doing a little better on the tantrums and no bedwetting since we got home from Myrtle Beach! I'm thinking that it had to be tied to the bioM visit since now it's been two weeks and she hasn't screamed for her during her tantrums NEARLY as much and in the same time period (since we returned from Myrtle). The bad news is that she's got a visit again tomorrow, so the cycle will probably start up again. I'm almost hoping the bioM doesn't show up for this one, just b/c of all the trauma it causes for munchkin....but anyways. Guess we'll just deal with it. It's taken two weeks for her to calm down after the last visit, and now they're going to be every week, so she won't even have time to calm down before the next one. Ugh.

Later ya'll.

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  1. Hey... this is your "faithful commenter"... LOL! I think I like that title! :) And I SOOO agree about the whole Statcounter thing... I think YOU show up as San Fransisco, but then again, can't really tell. I rarely look any more because it simply drives me bonkers! LOL!


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