Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Homework Time

For starters, now that I’ve graduated, it’s time to get some actual home work done…my poor house has suffered in my excessive busy-ness. LOL.

Also, it’s literally homework time…kid number 2 is sitting in the floor (don’t ask me why…we have perfectly good desks) doing his vocabulary homework with the dictionary, while mumbling the Lord’s prayer. “Our father, which art in heaven…” and occasionally interspersing this mumbling with, “why can’t I just use the computer? Google’s faster!”

“Yes, son, but faster isn’t the point here…you need to know how to use a dictionary.”


So yesterday I did a room swap with previously mentioned kid and my office. His room was originally directly above the hubby’s office downstairs and as much as I would like him to do everything with prayer and supplication, his typical method of doing things is with thumping and tapping. As you can imagine, it can get quite annoying to be in the office beneath him trying to work.

Although now that I’m working in his old room, he comes in here to do his homework at my feet, with the usual thumping and tapping, so I’m not sure the whole room swap could be considered entirely successful.

On the other hand, his room was turning into maggot-ville, since he’s very much boy, and now that everything has been pulled out and cleaned in the process of transferring it, I feel like at least part of the process may have accomplished some good. Maybe I should room swap everybody so that all our rooms will be that clean. Haha. Not that it will last long…lol.

Anywho, back to work for me…looks like my photos have finished exporting…time to get this batch finished.

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