Monday, April 25, 2016

Last Minute

Oh my stars. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had the time to drop in and say how busy. Haha. I’m down to the very last minute of getting ready for my portfolio show at the art museum tomorrow morning. It’s 10:39, I’m the only person awake in the house, and I’m printing the paperwork for tomorrow (which I worked all evening on re-creating because I decided I didn’t like what I had already created). I know, more work for myself.

It looks fantastic now though…I’m so much happier with it. I’m also gathering together all my stuff for tomorrow, and painting my nails…my luck, I’m going to mess them up typing this. LOL. The printer is so slow though that I’ve written this whole post while carefully keeping the nails from hitting anything in the same amount of time as the printer has printed one more sheet. Yikes. I may never get to bed.

Anyway, I just have to get through tomorrow, and then I have to get back to all the other things that have been neglected during my last minute getting ready frenzy. =)

Fun stuff. =) I’m so ready to graduate! =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lessons From The Walking Dead

So my hubby finally got me hooked on WD. I resisted for the longest time just because I’m stubborn like that. It’s got some issues that I don’t care for (what TV show doesn’t anymore), but I try to make it a habit of looking for the good.

Anyway, the other night, a quote from Beth just smacked me in the gut. She said, “When you care about people, hurt is part of the package.”

Oh snap.

I had this huge, long post written out and then my app quit working. So all that is gone, and maybe for the best. But I still feel like I need this little positive pep talk for myself. Reminders.

Sometimes surviving is hard.
Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to just give in and be a zombie. Dead but still walking.
Sometimes you have to say goodbye to people you care about.
Sometimes it’s hard to tell the good guys and the bad guys apart. 
Sometimes you disagree.
Sometimes you do or say stupid things even when you’re trying to do or say all the right things.
Sometimes you have to forgive and be forgiven.
And we’re ALL infected.

Being human is hard. Surviving is hard. You need people, you need to be there for each other, you need family (whether they’re blood or not), and sometimes you have to do really hard things for their sake. Sometimes you have to keep going just for them.

And never stop hoping.

When you care about people, hurt is part of the package. Accept it and keep on caring.

Dear God, help that girl in my mirror.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Throwdown Time

Wow. I have been burning the candle on every end, it seems. I posted this on photography blog (which is actually where I’ve been lately, and boy, is it ever hard to be in two places at once…lol), but anyways, I went with some friends and classmates to the Light Factory in Charlotte today for a portfolio throwdown, aka critiquing session for students. It was an all day event, so I’m exhausted now, but totally jazzed about the feedback I received. I took my work in progress for this portfolio and the critiques they gave were totally enlightening. I have some things I’m going to tweak a little and I think it will make my final project amazing. It was very cool.

springbreak-6So because I’ve been so busy with trying to finish school and life in general, I have once again neglected the personal blog temporarily. I’m trying to do better, but in the meantime, check the photography blog for the updates I’ve posted this past month.                                     –>

My portfolio show is coming up in just a few weeks. I’ll be posting more details about it on the photography blog in the near future. It’s been an interesting project this semester, and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

I had a great time with my first portfolio project of the purses, and this one has been interesting in it’s own way. I’m very excited about sharing some of the stories that are told in people’s faces and hands. I’m not ready to move on from this project yet, even though I’m already getting excited for my next one. LOL. Fun times!

Work, work, work…lotta hard work, but we’re getting there!

Till next time…