Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Frustrations

Oh my word. It is so annoying to sit in class and hear people chatting while the teacher is teaching. I care not if people aren’t paying attention, but it’s just annoying to listen to people talking out loud (even though it’s quietly) in addition to the instructor’s voice.

I do pretty well with the “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” policy, I haven’t said anything…or even made any faces, but sometimes I just need to vent out my Friday Frustrations.

Mondays used to be my one dreaded day of the week, but this semester, it’s definitely Fridays. Class seems to be much more focused today, which is great. But it’s still business of photography, which is all slightly less interesting to me than the art of photography.


So this past Sunday, we hiked up a local mountain. It was a lot of fun…around 6 something miles of fun. And the view from the top was cool!

But a couple of days later, I have some kind of contact dermatitis. On both arms. And I don’t think I touched anything at all while we were hiking. The trail was pretty wide, so it wasn’t like branches were hitting my as I passed or anything.

Frustrating. So now, I’m having to find a family doctor who can see me and give me something for it. I’ve evidently not been to the family doctor in 3 years, so I’m off their records. Sheesh.

Then, the PTDQ tossed her cookies at school, so my sweet hubby picked her up. Thank heavens for my fantastic hubby being home working this week so I don’t get an absent from class.

And I’ve also apparently developed seasonal allergies. OH MY STARS.

Last night we moved the bed and removed one giant pile of allergens (also known as the rug that kept my tootsies warm when that dreadful time of morning arrived and I was forced out of my bed). I’m pretty sure all that dust and dander flying around when we cleaned up the area made my allergies much worse because today the coughing and sinus drainage are killer. Blech.

So there’s my Friday Frustrations for this week. Now I need to go edit some pictures and do some work on my photo sites. This semester is whooping my tail. Can’t wait for graduation!

Hope your Friday is more of a Friday and less of a Monday!

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  1. I HATE allergies. I'm literally allergic to grass. Grass. This time of year is the worst.


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