Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Random Insanity

I’m sure there’s no one still coming by here that remembers back in the day when this blog was called “Random Insanity,” it’s been a few years (like almost 10…*GASP*). Now I have to go look at that again…has it really been ten years?!?!?!?!!!

HONKIN’ DADDY! My very first post on ye ol’ blog was on February 22, 2006. So my 10 year anniversary is next Monday!

ANYWHO. Back to my original thought. Random Insanity…it was my answer to the question, ‘If you were writing an autobiography, what would you title it?” the other night when we had some folks over playing games. And after I thunked up that answer, I had this flashback to the early days when I called this blog, “Random Insanity.” Scary, how much things change. Or not.

So, yeah, it’s “Always Faith” now, which is also true, but I’m pretty sure I’m ALWAYS going to be a little bit insane and a whole lot of random. Hahaha.

It’s not a bad life. I’m mostly happy with it. Winking smile 

Today, I’m going to share five randoms:

fdavisweb-10002495. This past Monday, they predicted 2-4 inches of snow. This is what we got. About .375 inches of snow and about 1 inch of ice. Bleck. But it WAS enough to cancel everything for 2 days. And make me appreciate teachers just a weeeee bit more.

4. I shoulda known it wasn’t going to snow. After all, I went and bought snow suits. We discovered at the last snow, that ours have somehow all magically disappeared. My favorite white spyder snowpants, too. I have looked in every single box in this house…nowhere to be found. ANYWHO, when it snowed last, is when I discovered their absence, and we had to go all old fashioned during the last winter weather. You know, actually coming inside and drying off before going back out again. How very old-school. So I determined when it looked probable that we were going to get more, that I would be prepared.

I just love Murphy and his crazy laws. Guess we’ll have snowsuits for next winter.

But the ice was crazy beautiful from the vantage point of our yard. I’m sure I would have felt differently if I’d been trying to drive in it, but since I wasn’t, I thought it was just lovely.


3. Then 12 hours later. Spring!

I just love the bipolar weather.

2. I am a terrible judge of time and I have no time to finish this post. LOL.

To be continued….

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